Could you give up your devices for a 48-hour super vacation?

Could you spend a weekend at one of the most beautiful places on earth, and not take a picture? Not post to Facebook? Not even send a text? That’s the challenge put out by, a tech company advertising a “Dream Job” that, for some people might sound like a nightmare.

“People spend an average of 11 hours a day on their devices. That’s a lot of screen time,” said Cosette Jarrett a spokesperson. 

If you subtract 8 hours of sleep a night, we’re looking at a screen of some sort, roughly 70% of the time. Could you stop that? Cold turkey? For 48 hours?

“I can barely go 10 minutes without looking at my phone, so realistically, I think it’ll be tough”.

 Jarrett explains the contest winner will spend 3 nights in an Airbnb vintage camper in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, with no tech devices. Period. No phone, computer, TV, music player, they must totally unplug.

“We’re going to send a box for this person to put their stuff in,” she explained. “There is a bit of anxiety right? I mean I’m committing to two days without this, I’ve got to find things to do and also every time I want to take a picture or post about it, I’m going to have to hold off.”

The winner of the contest, gets $1,000, three nights in Joshua Tree and another thousand dollars for expenses. They can hike, stargaze, relax, or sit and think. They just can’t share any of it until the dream job has ended.

“I think it’ll be difficult. It’ll be a big learning process I think, of how much we reach for our phone, especially when we’re on vacation,” said Jarrett.

On the third night of the dream job, the winner will get access to satellite internet where they’ll share what they’ve learned about going gadget-less, and they’ll have some time after that to take Insta’s and post to Twitter and Facebook.

   If you think you can do it, head over to to sign up.

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