We’ve all gotten the Facebook messenger spam messages. Here’s what Facebook is doing to help.

As more people are at home and away from their friends and family, it is no wonder we’re spending more time on social media staying connected. Spammers are using the opportunity as well, using social media, email and messages to fool people into participating in scams.

Facebook ​announced ​Thursday it is releasing new features to its Messenger app as a way to cut down on the amount of spam messages.

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve most likely gotten a message from someone you don’t know. Dozens maybe. Some send attachments, some are only displayed as “facebook user”. You probably never click on those, but what about messages from people you’re friends with? suspicious messages from someone you don’t even know very well in real life.

Facebook is making it easier to sniff out those fake accounts.

Using machine learning the company will scan accounts for suspicious activity. Artificial intelligence will be able to pick up on accounts sending a lot of requests to people at one time or in a short span. Or messages to users under the age of 18.

Why is this important? Up until now the only way to put a stop to this type of activity was having real people keep an eye out for suspicious messages, meaning someone would need to read messages. So this maintains your privacy while sniffing out fake friends, or accounts that have hijacked a friend’s profile photo and friends list.

Facebook Messenger will now ask if you know the person and sure they are who they say they are. Making it easier to report it as spam and block them from contacting you again.

We all hate fake friends, in real life, and on Facebook. Some Android users are seeing the new feature now while it’s rolling out to iPhone and iPads. So keep an eye out for app updates.

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