From cardboard to haptic suits, virtual reality is here on many levels.

Guest Post

Forgetting all of the debates about its rise to prominence or general quality, virtual reality makes for a great gift. Or, more specifically, a decent VR headset does. It’s just the sort of thing a lot of people will appreciate but that they may not be ready to buy for themselves, which is more or less the definition of a good gift in a general sense.

That said, VR isn’t necessarily ideal for just anybody. Before you just go buying a headset the next time you have to get someone a gift and you’re browsing through tech products, it’s a good idea to brush up on its actual functionality and some of its better or more interesting applications. This can give you an idea of who among the people you know might actually appreciate a VR headset and put it to real, regular use.

Thinking of it this way, these are some of the types of friends or family members for whom you may want to keep VR in mind for potential gifts.

Gamers – Naturally, gamers will come to mind first, because no matter how many other uses there might be for VR (they’re countless), it is perceived first and foremost as gaming tech. A headset can be an awesome gift for someone interested in the medium, though at the same time there are also additional pieces of equipment and accessories – Tesla Suit, for instance – that can also be very thoughtful gifts in this particular category. Particularly if you have a gamer to get a gift for and he or she already has a VR headset, you may want to browse the plentiful accessory and game options.

Artists – Virtual reality has been called the most powerful medium of our time from an artist’s standpoint – and that was being said even three years ago before VR was quite so good as it is today. Whether or not the label proves to be accurate in terms of the technology’s impact on the art world, there’s no denying that at a minimum, it’s fun for artists to explore and experiment with. Various painting, sculpting, and design applications make for a veritable digital playground for anyone inclined toward visual arts.

Fitness Enthusiasts – It feels as though the connection between virtual reality and fitness is only just being realized, so there aren’t too many examples of existing applications to point to here. However, it’s becoming more widely accepted that VR will, in fact, have a serious say in the fitness industry, and it’s a good bet that within another year there will be countless VR fitness apps to be used and enjoyed. So, for the fitness lover on your gift-giving list, a VR headset can be a thoughtful, forward-looking, and ultimately very useful gift.

Sports Fanatics – VR will be more and more useful to sports fans because it’s going to start facilitating new ways of viewing live competitions. However, it may also become very useful for those who like to wager on sports, or even play fantasy sports. Somewhat quietly, the sports betting industry has been thoroughly modernized of late. You can read in-depth reviews comparing different sites and weeding out the shady ones, such that the remaining options are sleek, enjoyable, and packed with modern features. These, it’s expected, will soon include live, in-play betting options, and possibly mini fantasy games, available right before the eyes of those watching sports in VR.

Those With Wanderlust – Last but not least is those with wanderlust, which could well be the most crowded category as it relates to most people’s friends and family. VR, unfortunately, can’t teleport users to different environments and attractions around the world, but it certainly comes closer than any other piece of tech we’ve had. With these headsets, people can explore destinations all across the planet as if from a first-person perspective. It can be fun merely as an activity for amusement but is also an invaluable new tool for exploring a future destination or even narrowing down options. This makes VR a perfect gift for anyone in this category.

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