First-time expectant mothers need everything, including a nap. Here are some of my favorite gifts for new moms:


Used to be the only technology a new mom really needed were a TV and a DVD player (when I was a young kid it was just the TV). These days new moms may want to take advantage of new technology to help their young child sleep and grow. They might also want tech to help clean and tech to make and keep memories.

Moms love tech gadgets. Seriously. And don’t miss my other gift idea stories elsewhere on the blog. Some ideas are great for moms, dads and grads. 

There are baby monitors, then there’s the Cocoon baby monitor. The camera looks over the crib, attached either to the side or to the wall. It gives mom and dad the best view of their baby that they can see through an app on their phone. The Nanit also tracks how the baby sleeps, their breathing, the temperature, and humidity in the room. Mom, if she wants, can get a notification any time the baby moves or wakes up. Nanit also has 2-way audio so mom can talk or sing to their child. Nanit makes a similar baby monitor that’s available on Amazon as well.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is the most advanced bassinette in the world and is specifically designed for newborns. to keep them from rolling over onto their stomach, which is dangerous The Snoo swaddles the newborn and keeps him or her sleeping on their back. It also gently rocks and plays a sound that doctors say mimic their experience in the womb. Designed by a pediatrician, the Snoo gradually helps the child sleep and breathe and transition to a crib.


New moms may need help around the house and a Roomba floor cleaner can take care of a lot of it. These connected vacuums can also be programmed to sweep and even mop hardwoods, tile, and other surfaces. Roomba by iRobot was the first, but there are other robot vacuums on the market that cost less.

 One of the best baby apps I’ve seen is “Ultralapse“. Take a photo or short video of your child every day. The app frames their face each time and creates a time-lapse video to show how they’ve grown. The app sends a notification reminder each day to help you remember. Just imagine that video when they become 10 or 12, or for their high school graduation. “Ultralapse” is a free app to take one video a month. To do record and store a video or photo every day, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.


Speaking of photos, digital picture frames are good for new moms and grandparents. The PhotoSpring and Nixplay frames are good choices because they’ll add new photos taken with your phone automatically. Send one to grandma and no matter where you are, you can send them a new photo or short video. 

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