So you’re ticked at MoviePass and want something else? Here are your only options so far.

Ever since MoviePass announced it is raising prices and limiting the option to see new releases I’ve heard from many MoviePass subscribers say it’s time to move on and find another option. Some of them have been subscribers since the company first dropped the price to $10/month to see as many movies as you want, provided it’s just one per day. One subscriber even told me he was using his MoviePass on Tuesday to protest the recent changes.
But what are the options? Is there another plan as good as MoviePass? There are a few other companies offering movie tickets at reduced prices but are they anywhere close to MoviePass, even at the new $14.95/month price?

I decided to take a look at three of MoviePass’ main competitors to see if it’s worth switching.

Sinemia is similar to MoviePass but with limited benefits. Four tiers of the subscription are available. $3.99 to see one movie per month and $7.99 for tickets to two shows. Those are both limited to standard definition movies. To see movies in 3d or IMAX, the price is $9.99 for two movies and $14.99 for three tickets. Sinemia has enlisted a large number of movie theaters to accept the membership but it is a good idea to check for theaters in your area before signing up.
Cinemark Movie Club can be used at a very limited number of theaters and theater chains across the country. The price is $9 per month for
1¬†movie while each additional movie is another $9. Cinemark does allow you to purchase tickets for others in your group for another $9 and it offers a 20% discount on concessions. If you don’t use the club to purchase a ticket one month it rolls over to the next. It does not include 3d and IMAX movies. If the average price of a movie ticket is $12 you’re basically saving just $3 on every ticket you purchase.
AMC Theaters introduced the first chain-wide discount club and it’s a good one. For $19.99, subscribers can see up to 3 movies per week for free and it includes 3D and IMAX movies. It is only for AMC Theaters, however. While it is the most expensive option, it’s only $5 more than MoviePass’ standard subscription package, and you can use it to purchase tickets for movies even on the day they are released.
Compare these to MoviePass’ standard subscription. 1 movie per day for $9.99 per month, but that price is going up to $14.99 at some time in the next 30 days. MoviePass subscribers are unable to use the card to see IMAX or 3D movies, cannot see the same movie more than once and will now have to wait 2 weeks before seeing a new release. MoviePass subscribers may also have to pay a $4-$5 surcharge to use the card on popular movies at popular times such as weekends.


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