Moms can be hard to buy for. Let me re-phrase that, Moms are impossible to buy for.

But maybe there’s a reason: we don’t think moms are cool enough to like tech gadgets. Dads on the other hand, are typically early adopters when it comes to gadgets and they love to play with stuff. Most of us don’t think the same about our mother. Guess what: she’s cooler than you think.

As technology has touched every single part of our lives, moms, like everyone else, have become lovers of tech. Most wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without their phone. Many moms would love a new phone case or fitness wearable or a portable battery charger. Those tech gadgets will be a winner come Christmas morning. Here are a few other things mom might enjoy. Things you might never have thought about.

The Anker Roav Charger will keep two devices charged when it’s plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter. It also has an FM transmitter and Bluetooth Receiver. It’s as low as $12, but the one I really love has Alexa built in. The Roav Viva takes Alexa along for the ride. After pairing the charger to your car’s stereo system, you can ask Alexa questions or ask her to play music from your Amazon Prime Music account. She will also give you turn-by-turn directions and make phone calls. The Viva charger is $60.

The ScotteVest isn’t a high tech gadget but it holds every gadget you take with you. The ScotteVest has pockets for just about anything you’d want to take with you. Pockets for keys, smartphone, magazine, water bottle, money, portable battery charger. Many ScotteVests even have pockets for iPads! These are great for taking through airports. Rather than taking all of that stuff out, I just put the vest in a bin to go through security. They’re perfect for travel and anytime mom doesn’t want to haul her purse around. ScotteVests start at $100.

Mom may want a FitBit or other fitness tracker but they may not like the design. If that’s the case take a look at the Motiv Fitness ring. The bands have technology inside that keep track of steps, heart rate, sleep, and everything else other trackers track. The developers claim the Motiv ring saves more reliable data because the sensors inside the band make full contact with the skin at all times, while fitness bands that wrap around your hand like a watch, are often loose and may not record the data correctly. The Motiv rings are very stylish and come in several colors. They’re not just for women. They start at $200.



Roav Viva by Anker

Motiv Ring



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