The new Facebook is totally different.

New Facebook in Dark Mode

Is it “new and improved”? Or just “new”? Facebook’s brand new look that’s been rolling out as an option to some users will become the norm for everyone over the next several weeks and it is the biggest change to the social network’s appearance in at least four years.

What’s New? Nearly Everything

Facebook introduced the “New Facebook” at an event in 2019 and slowly began rolling it out in March of this year. Since then, users have been able to try it out by switching to the new look in settings and switching back to the old Facebook after giving it a try. Beginning next month, everyone will be using the new Facebook for good. Or at least until the next “new Facebook” is introduced in a few years.

The new Facebook has a cleaner look with lots of white space or dark space but we’ll get to that in a bit. Photos in the news feed are larger and your friends’ Facebook Stories pictures are larger and stand out above the news feed. You can’t miss Stories updates as they’re front and center when you open the website.

You’ll See Things You Didn’t Know Exists

On the left, you’ll likely discover things you never knew existed on Facebook. At the top of the sidebar are links to groups you’ve joined, events in your area or events friends have responded to, a voting information tab, friend requests, and Messenger. Below are the shortcuts you can adjust to pages and groups you’re interested in. If you click “See More”, you’ll find tabs for fundraisers, games, recommendations, notes, gaming video, offers, Facebook Pay (the network’s version of Venmo), movies playing in nearby theaters, jobs, and a tab for Oculus, Facebook’s virtual reality product. That’s mostly an ad but could be more if you’ve registered an Oculus with Facebook.

On the right side of the newsfeed are sponsored ads followed by any pages you manage, friend requests, birthdays, and contacts for Messenger.

The top buttons or icons for home, pages, watch, marketplace, and groups are much larger than the previous or current Facebook look.

Facebook’s New Dark Mode

The “new Facebook” has a Dark Mode. If you’re one who enjoys the dark mode option for late-night reading on your phone, this will be a welcome addition. Black print on a white screen is inverted which is much easier on the eyes late at night. It might also keep someone from waking up from the glare on your reading glasses.

Maybe You Can Switch, but Not Forever

At the moment you’ll probably see a switch to go back to classic Facebook or to switch to the new Facebook but that option is being removed. I’ve already heard from some Facebook friends who say they were switched almost overnight and can not switch back. 

Those are all the changes to the Facebook website for a desktop or laptop computer. Over the past couple of weeks, I found a new Facebook look on mobile devices that had a large Facebook icon at the bottom of the screen that hosted all of the options and resources that you find on the desktop sidebars. When I checked Monday, that had been replaced with standard icons. An update to the Facebook app was released Sunday and appears to have replaced the icon. I reached out to Facebook to find out if that would be returning but have not gotten a response as of the moment.

This is one of the biggest updates to Facebook’s desktop user experience and many people will not like the change at first, because…well, it’s a change. A change we will have to accept very soon.

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