Netflix has over 3,000 things to watch but you only see about a tenth of them.

Have you ever spent over an hour flipping through all the movies and shows on Netflix for something to watch? But you see the same old movies and shows in your choices.

  There are over 3,000 movies and shows on Netflix. So why does it only display the same hundred or so? Netflix displays the titles it thinks you’ll like based on your history.

This Netflix secret allows you to see every title Netflix offers.

The streaming giant organizes its movies and shows into genres. When you search for “war movies”, or “romantic comedies” you’ll see dozens or even hundreds of choices. What most people don’t know is that Netflix further categorizes its movies into sub-genres.

In addition to “Dramas”, you’ll see only “Biographical Dramas”, “Classic Dramas”, “Sports Dramas” etc. But you need to know those secret codes. Here’s how to use them:

Copy this web address: followed by the number for each genre and enter it in the address bar.

To see the numbers, go to  This is where you’ll find a long list of sub-genre numbers.

Unfortunately, you can’t search for the genre numbers in the Netflix app or by opening Netflix on your TV.

Rather you’ll need to search using the above link on a web browser, find the movie you want to watch, and then search for that movie in the Netflix app or on the Netflix screen.

It may sound confusing but it’s rather simple to do. I guarantee you’ll find something you didn’t know is on Netflix

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