Anxiety during these times is not uncommon. Here are some apps that might help elevate your mood when needed most.

If you’ve been seeing a therapist or counselor you’ve probably been in touch with them already, if not, you should know many licensed counselors are seeing patients over video streaming. But what if you never felt you should see a counselor…until now?

There are dozens of meditation apps in both app stores with good reviews from people who’ve been using them. One of those is “Headspace”. Billed as a “gym membership for your mind”, Headspace has 10 minute relaxation or meditation sessions to match your moods and needs.

Therapists with the app say just 10 minutes a day will help your mood and ease stress. “Calm” is the most popular stress reliever app.

“It’s your world, it can be whatever you want it to be,” says one meditation session. “Calm” not only has lessons for mediation with music and stories, but includes lots of programs to help you sleep.

If you need help from a real therapist, “TalkSpace” is a popular app that matches people with licensed therapists who will communicate over text, audio or video. When you reach out to one of their therapists, they’ll respond several times a day and are available 5 days a week. There are different subscriptions available ranging from $65 to $95 a week.

There’s also “Faithful Counseling” that offers Christian based therapy. The app asks a few questions about what you’re dealing with and then match you with a real live counselor.

Sessions are 30 minutes over phone or video and unlimited text messaging with your chosen counselor any time of day. The cost is $40-$70 per week.

For immediate help, teenagers can chat with a counselor by texting “Home, start or hello” to 741741. A live trained crisis counselor who volunteers their time will receive the text and respond and will talk you through whatever you’re dealing with. There is no charge. This isn’t an app, just text to the number 741741 for help.

There’s lots of anxiety with worries about jobs, money, isolation and fear of what’s going to happen next. These resources may help.

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