Sheltered at home and can’t find anything new to watch? This trick will help

How many times have you spent most of an evening searching all the titles on Netflix? As millions of Americans are stuck in their home during the quarantine, searching for something to watch can be especially frustrating. Here’s a little known Netflix secret that will help you find a movie or TV show you want to watch.

Netflix only shows about 100 titles on its main page

Netflix only shows about 100 titles on its main page but the company actually breaks down movies and shows into categories and sub-categories.  You just need to know the secret to find them. is a website that lists hundreds of sub-genres that make it easy to find movie and TV titles. The sub-genres include things like Italian movies, romantic comedies, classic westerns and independent foreign films.

Really, everything.

Searching for something to watch on Netflix seems like a little thing in the scope of the coronavirus and COVID-19 but by finding something people can watch in the safety of their own homes might keep them sheltered in place and not going to Redbox or stores to buy DVDs.

   While you’ll still have to search, Netflix secret codes may keep subscribers at home.

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