Gadget gifts for anyone on your list who thinks they can’t use tech gadgets.

A few years ago you might not have dreamed of giving grandma or granddad a tech gadget. They might say they didn’t like technology or don’t know how to use the gadgets. If you gave them something that needed to be re-connected every now and then or had to be set up using an app or a website, those gadgets might end up in a closet or drawer, never to be put into use. Now, they’re using a smartphone for everything, they’re texting and using emoji. And they’re spending lots of time on Facebook. These tech gadgets are both easy to set up, easy to use and are great tech gifts for the grans.

62% of seniors are on Facebook so a Facebook Portal will keep you connected no matter where they live. Similar to Facetime, the desktop video screen uses face recognition to keep the person on camera if they move across the room. If someone else comes into the room, the camera zooms out. So it feels more like you’re actually there.  The calls are placed using Facebook Messenger or What’s App so you can use a smartphone or tablet. It has Alexa built-in so there’s more functionality than just video calling. 

Baby boomers blasted their music in the 70s and 80s and now, many people over the age of 50 are suffering some degree of hearing loss. One gadget that has impressed some of my older relatives who complain about not being able to understand what someone’s saying on TV is a TV soundbar. The ZVox AccuVoice soundbar will lower the sound of car chases, explosions and music and boosts the volume of what the actors are saying.  Listen to the difference: You have control of how much you need to raise the dialogue. And it’s a good surround sound speaker if you want the full effect of the movie’s soundtrack. It connects with just the optical cable. By the way, there’s a 30-day home trial offer through the holidays.


If they love their iPhone they’ll love an iPad even more. The larger screen makes it easier to do just about everything. Great for reading, watching and playing games. 

If they’re always asking for pictures, a digital picture frame makes a great gift. Nixplay and PhotoSpring allow you to send new pictures to their frame from your smartphone. You can even set it up so that every photo you take is uploaded to their frame automatically. Not that that’s a good idea. 


Best of all once they’re set up they don’t have to continually be turned on and re-connected to Bluetooth. They just work. 



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