Dads tend to geek out a bit when it comes to tech gadgets. Trust me. The truth though is it doesn’t always mean it’s easy to find him a gadget he can use. I thought I’d round up some products dad might not have already but would certainly use.

Dad’s going to love these gadgets

    Even if dad isn’t a weekend warrior, a GoPro is a good camera,  easy to take to soccer games, vacations or just playing around with the kids like this. The latest version, the Hero 8, has a stabilizer built-in, so shots stay steady.  It shoots 4K video that’s easily edited and shareable. The company is releasing add-ons for the Hero 8 Black that such as a light, microphone and a selfie-screen that will be available after the first of the year.




Fitness trackers are for people who exercise, but if dad’s stuck behind a desk most days, he might need some encouragement. The Welt is a fitness tracker built inside a hand-crafted dress belt. It not only tracks steps but how long he sits during the day. If dad has a big meal, the Welt can tell him how much he ate from the tension. If the belt gets tighter, he’ll get a notification he might need to walk some of it off. It’s a nice looking leather belt.




The Ekster smart wallet is slimmer than the one he’s probably using now. It’ll hold a few credit cards, driver’s license, and some cash, but it also has a tracker, so if he misplaces it, he can use an app on his phone to find it. The tracker is solar powered so it never has to be plugged into a wall outlet.





Dad might also like to improve the WiFi in the house and a mesh router system, like SmartThings from SAMSUNG will ensure everyone can get a good internet connection. Made especially for larger homes, you put these Smart Things extenders in different areas of the house. It’ll keep games playing and movies streaming for the entire family.

You’ll put dad’s name on the gift tag but the whole family will be able to enjoy it. No more buffering Netflix!




He’s familiar with Alexa but a little known Echo device, the Input, takes up less room than the other Alexa gadgets. The Input doesn’t have a speaker, so you have to connect it to one using Bluetooth or the included speaker cable. The Echo Dot is about $25, but the Input is only $10. I’ve seen people put these in their car, connecting it to the car’s USB input so they can listen to Amazon Music on their commute to work.


I purchased one to use with my home stereo system. It connects through an input for phones and other portable devices and since the Input’s footprint is so small, I easily slid it underneath the receiver. Now I have Alexa connected to the best sounding speaker system in my house.


Dad may not already have these tech gadgets, he might not even know about them. But I’ll bet he’ll use them.

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