I had my share of notes sent home from the teacher when I was a kid…and they didn’t always get to my mom and dad and despite all the technology we have today…that kind of thing still happens.

But this app called “Remind”, solves any broken communications between parents and teachers. Students can benefit from it too.

Remind is aimed at teachers who need to communicate with parents and students for any number of reasons. Developed by a man with dyslexia and ADD, the app is meant to replace take-home sheets, print-outs, and even email and Facebook messages.

Here’s how it works:

Teachers create a class, then students and their parents download the app and join the class. Multiple teachers can use the app and students can join those classes as well and access all of them in the Remind app. Parents can do the same. Once connected, teachers can communicate with an individual student or parent, or the entire class.

Recently Remind added a feature where teachers can share lessons using other apps such as “Quizlet”. Parents can also pay for field trips inside the app just like you would booking an Uber.

School systems around the country are adopting the Remind app district-wide.

Moria Doman, a kindergarten teacher in Chicago reviewed the Remind app for teachers and parents on her YouTube channel, Kind Kindergarten.

“If I send a flyer home I’ll just take a picture of the flyer,” she said from her classroom. “and send the flyer picture or picture of the flyer to all the parents as well or as like a reminder, like, the day before I’ll be like ‘don’t forget we have this’, or ‘don’t forget about the field trip.”

All of the communications are in real time and can be shared through the Remind app, or on the remind website. It’s loved by teachers as it’s meant an end to take-home sheets and emails that never get answered. It’s the #1 education app for the iPhone and according to the company, is used in more than 70% of public schools. It’s free to use to send messages.

It works on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and the web. For more information visit the Remind website, www.remind.com

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