Coming back to podcast players September 20th.

The most popular podcast in the history of podcasting has announced it is coming back for a 3rd season. “Serial”, produced by WBEZ in Chicago released season one in 2014. It told the story of the murder of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee in 1999. Her boyfriend, Adnan Syed was convicted of

the murder and was serving a sentence in a Maryland prison.

 “Serial”, opened an investigation to learn if Syed was the murderer or if he was wrongly accused and convicted. The series played out over 12 episodes and became the fastest podcast to ever be downloaded 5 million times. At present, it’s been downloaded around 200 million times.

Season 3 will begin on September 20th.

A second season of the podcast looked at another case in 2016. This week producers announced a new season that will examine the American criminal justice system by spending time at 13 courthouses around the country. Producers have released a trailer for fans to hear a snippet of episode 1 and an introduction by producer and host Sarah Koenig.

You can listen to Serial through the podcast app on iPhones and iPads, Google, Spotify or through apps such as Stitcher.

To listen to a trailer for season 3 go to

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