Your child is headed off to college. They’ll need gadgets for their dorm, but parents need gadgets to cope.

Sure, your college student needs some dorm essentials but your kid is leaving home, maybe for the first time. So parents, there are a few back-to-school items you need to cope.

You could give your kids a digital picture frame. I know…they may not want one to see you, but you could get one for yourself. The PhotoSpring digital frame connects to their smartphone They can upload photos or videos using an app. It can also be set up so that any photo taken with their phone gets uploaded automatically. Seeing new pictures every day or so will make mom and dad happy. It’ll make the distance feel a little less distant.

  If your college student doesn’t know much about maintaining their car, the FIXD lets mom and dad keep an eye on how it’s running. Just pop the gadget into their car’s OBD-II port and leave it. An app on your phone connects to it, and diagnoses any problems that make the ‘check engine’ light come on.  It also keeps maintenance records and sends reminders when the oil needs changing. The FIXD is a former Kickerstarter project. There are plenty of other OBDII scanners but most are not as small as the FIXD and do not stay in the car while it is in use.  We can save you $20 on a FIXD device at this link>  FIXD $20 SAVINGS



If you’re worried about your student driving back and forth to school, you might like for them to have a portable car jump starter. If their battery dies, they won’t need to call AAA or find someone with jumper cables. Just attach the portable charger to the battery terminals, and turn the key. These portable chargers are small enough to slide under the seat and also charge a smartphone. The JumpSmart jumpstarter is built into a flashlight. The FlyHi JumpStarter is not much bigger than a smartphone. 

If you’re really worried about those drives, the ChargeHub v2, has escape tools. It’ll charge two smartphones, but on one end is a tool to break a windshield in an emergency, and the other end has a seat-belt cutter for an emergency escape.

There’s lots for parents to worry about when their kid leaves home, these gadgets may make it a little less stressful.

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