Got people coming over for Thanksgiving and you need some help in the kitchen?


 If you’ve ever wanted to cook alongside a professional chef, you won’t find many more talented than Daniel Holzman. The celebrity chef of Meatball Shop Restaurant in New York, launched his app “Project Foodie” when his brother, a TV producer, kept bugging him on how to make his favorite dish.

Holzman assumes you don’t know what you’re doing which results in some incredibly detailed recipes and videos. From the correct way to cut an onion or mince garlic, to how best to know when olive oil is hot enough to begin cooking salmon. 

Holzman is a great teacher, but he’s also entertaining. There are all types of recipes and demonstrations. You can search by keyword, ingredient, course, or how long you’ve got to prepare it. Got only 30 minutes to fix dinner? There are dozens of recipes that can be made in 30-minutes or less and Holzman walks you through the recipe one step at a time.

Each dish comes with a professionally shot video and detailed steps. You can pause the video if you need to (and you probably will at some point), I prefer using the app on an iPad and prop it up in the kitchen while I cook. You can even set a timer in the app so you’ll know when you need to pull something out of the oven. Since you’re cooking alongside Daniel, the app knows where you are in the process.

One of the best features is being able to easily change a recipe to accommodate a larger group. This recipe is for 4 people, but if 10 are coming for dinner, a simple swipe adjusts the recipe. Genius! 

And instead of adding items to a shopping list one-by-one, Project Foodie does it for you with one tap on the screen so you’ll know what you need when you get to the store.

It’s the simplicity of the app that makes it appealing. No ads to skip through before the video plays. There are affiliate links for products and tools being used in the videos. The app is free but you can donate a few dollars to help the guys continue adding recipes and shooting videos. It’s an entertaining and appetizing app in more ways than one. 

For Thanksgiving, Daniel has a 240-minute free video where he shows you, step-by-step how to prepare an entire Thanksgiving feast so if you’re the least bit worried about feeding those 10 hungry (and maybe judgemental family members) you should give it a try.

Project Foodie works only for iPhones and iPads but there is a website anyone can visit to see many of the videos.  For Android users, you can visit the mobile version of the Project Foodie website, and save the link to your home screen. It’s almost like adding the app. 

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