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Every year at tax time I smack myself in the head and repeat “I COULD WRITE OFF 57-CENTS FOR EVERY MILE I DROVE FOR BUSINESS!!!”

I promise myself to do a better job for the rest of the year but, like many people, forget to write down the miles for every run to buy office supplies or meetings.

It was my last face-palm that I discovered MileIQ. The app for iPhones and Android devices.

MileIQ detects when your car is moving and begins recording mileage and your destination. There’s no entering of any information, you don’t have to remember to write it down. You simply drive.

Once you arrive you can open the app and record the purpose of the trip. You need only to swipe left or right on the screen. Swipe left if it’s a personal trip, or right if it’s on business. You can also add a tag or notes for each drive. What I most like about the app is that even if I forget to do it every single day, MileIQ saves those trips and I can review them later. I find it’s easy to review my daily drives while I’m watching TV at night.

I tried it for the month of April and MileIQ recorded 651 miles in 2 weeks (I had a business meeting out of town, the rest was video shoots etc). Of that, $285 was potentially tax deductible.

MileIQ is a free app that will record up to 40 drives per month. You can upgrade to unlimited drives for $6/month or $60 for a year of unlimited drives.  You can also use this “What the Tech?”code to save 20%.

I figure if I recorded proof of nearly $300 of deductions for the first 2 weeks of April it’s worth the price.

Real estate agents, small business owners and anyone who drives their vehicle regularly will certainly benefit from MileIQ.

MileIQ 20% discount


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