Anyone can take a last minute vacation with this app.

  If you’re among the fortunate folks who can pack a bag and head out of town at a moment’s notice, you should check out the app “Hitlist”. It’s not just another travel app that locates good deals on airfare, it goes a little farther.

Hitlist does find great deals by searching all of the airlines for dropping prices. It ranks deals as “good”, “great” and “spectacular” based on what the tickets normally cost. Some deals last only a few minutes or hours because there’s a limited number of tickets available at that price.

Hitlist gives you ideas based on great deals such as “best trips for photography”, “tropical destinations” and one I especially like, “James Bond Movie Locations”.

When you first open the app you may only see a few ‘best deals’ and the lowest prices are generally from budget airlines such as Frontier and Jet Blue. If you create a free account you’ll be able to select your favorite airlines and get notifications when a ticket becomes available for a date or destination.

I searched ‘last minute deals” and found great prices on airfare for Philadelphia, Denver and San Diego. The San Diego roundtrip ticket normally costs, according to the app, over $300 but it was available for a short time for only $143. That roundtrip was for 4 days but the plane leaves two days! To nab some of these spectacular last-minute deals you’ll have to be flexible, or ready to go. I can see it’s perfect for anyone who wants to just get out of town for a few days. Trying to decide on a place and date without an app like Hitlist might actually prevent you from going anywhere. This is where Hitlist shines.

I also found special or spectacular deals on international travel. A plane ticket to Rome, which normally costs nearly $1,000 was listed for $546. Again, you’d need to be flexible and ready because that flight leaves in two days.

Hitlist is a free app for iPhones and Android devices. Since the app sends you to the airline’s website it likely gets a cut of any ticket that is sold through the app. Hitlist also makes it easy to find a place to stay once you arrive at the destination by searching listings on Airbnb.

I don’t have the freedom to just pick up and go anytime I want, but I’ll keep checking the Hitlist app. Just in case I get an itch to get out of town one weekend.

Hitlist in the Google Play Store

Hitlist in Apple’s App Store



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