Jobs are available now and pay $15-$20 an hour. 40 hours per week.

If you lost your job due to COVID-19 you can now get a job fighting the disease. States and municipalities are hiring COVID-19 contact tracers to track the spread of the virus and put an end to the spread. Hundreds of thousands of these jobs are expected to be open in the next few years. Some of them require only a high school diploma or the equivalent. The jobs are in such demand that Johns Hopkins University is offering training for free.

Johns Hopkins University, the leader in tracking the spread of the virus, is offering a free course in Contact Tracing through the end of the year and through the popular Coursera online resources. It’s an online course that takes approximately 5 hours to complete.

The course is free and takes 5 hours to complete

What does a Contact Tracer do? Let’s start with what they don’t do. Tracers are not required to meet patients in person. Tracing is done over the phone. Asking individuals who’ve tested positive about where they have been and on what date and who they’ve come in contact with in the days prior to testing positive. They also ask about symptoms and explain the importance of self-quarantine to slow the spread  of the virus and then begin contacting anyone who may have come in contact and are at risk. 

Many contact tracer jobs are open now. I found several in a quick Google search. The jobs are work-from-home and pay in the neighborhood of $15 to $20 an hour, though some people will earn more.

To participate in the training, you simply sign up and then watch about 5 hours of online video classes, led by an instructor from Johns Hopkins. When you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a grade and a certificate of completion you can share on LinkedIn for when you apply for jobs.

Since the virus is predicted to last for years, those positions will be needed for a long time. Some estimates predict over 300,000 jobs will be available.To sign up and take the free course go to this website You will need to sign up for the free course using an email address, Facebook or Apple account.

To find jobs in your area, just search Google for “covid tracing jobs” and you will like see a list of several opportunities. Many of those companies hiring offer additional training which may be required on top of the free course from Johns Hopkins.

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