1.2 trillion photos are taken every year, most with a smartphone camera. These are the best of the best.

Django by Robin Robertis
Django by Robin Robertis 1st place, animal category

Think for a second about the last few photos you took with a smartphone. Were they selfies? The kids’ first day at school? Maybe a sunset? You may never consider yourself to be a professional photographer (or even a very good one), but you have the same tool many professional photographers use every day. A high-quality camera right inside your smartphone.

Dandelion Sunset by Sara Ronkainen


Dandelion Sunset by Sara Ronkainen 1st place Sunset category shot on iPhone 5s







While shutter-bug purists might argue that a smartphone camera cannot get the same shots taken with a professional DSLR, it’s a difficult argument to make when you look at the best photos taken with iPhones. The annual IPPA, iPhone Photography Awards prove even an old smartphone camera can take awe-inspiring photographs.


Jose Ignacio De Rocco
“Lo de Gomez” by Jose Ignacio De Rocco 2nd place, other category shot with iPhone 6s

The 11th annual awards were selected from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from over 140 countries. Awards were handed out in 18 categories including Animals, Portrait, Still Life, Sunset, Children and Nature.




Red Stripes by Soha Ghandour
Soha Ghandour “Red Stripes” 3rd place Travel Category shot on iPhone 5

The photos are gorgeous and you might have a hard time believing they were taken with iPhone cameras. Some of the photographs taking prizes were shot with cameras in an iPhone 5 and iPhone SE.


The 2018 IPPA is now accepting entries for the 2018 awards. The organization only requires that the photos be taken with any iPhone. Add-on lenses can be used and the photos can be shots taken and posted to Instagram, Facebook or another social network.

Winners receive Apple products and gold bars from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world.

Entry fees are $3.50 for each image. The deadline for the 2018 IPPA is March 2019

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