If you’ll be shopping at Amazon over the next few days you may be missing one of Amazon’s greatest secrets.

Rather than selecting free 2-day shipping, you can order something for “no-rush shipping” and Amazon will pay you $5.

The perk, available only to Amazon Prime customers, has been around for a while but many, if not most online shoppers miss it. We’re too busy to notice the “no-rush shipping option”. This time of year is the perfect time to use it.

Most people will be buying things online to give as Christmas gifts. We won’t wrap them for at least a week, so why use the 2-day shipping? I ordered a pair of runner’s compression sleeves a few weeks ago and selected “no-rush shipping”. I received my package in 7 days and Amazon added a $5 credit to my account. The credit is called a reward or discount by Amazon and you’ll be instructed how you can use it. It won’t be added to your account like a gift card, rather it can be used with Amazon Prime Now (1-hour delivery) or can be used to purchase movies through Amazon Prime Movies, or music or digital books through Amazon Prime.

I used mine to pick up a free pack of AAA batteries from Amazon Prime Now.

There is no mention in the description of the perk of any limits so it appears the $5 bonus is available on every purchase; if you’re patient.



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