Never say “take it again” again.

I don’t know anyone who’s ever looked at a selfie photo of themselves and wasn’t interested in how they look on camera. “Nope! Take it again” seems to follow most every shutter. A few years ago, Facetune changed the fortunes of selfie-takers by giving people options to make themselves look better in their photos. Now, Facetune has a video app.

Facetune video uses many of the same tools to whiten teeth, change the shape of a nose, brighten eyes, and smooth out wrinkles and other complexion issues. 

Once you take a 10-second or so video of yourself or someone else, you import the video into the Facetune Video app and start sliding. 

Whiten teeth, erase wrinkles and a nose job for video selfies

Sliders for each filter and improvement allow you to decide how much whiter to make your teeth, how full or long your nose appears, bushier eyebrows, and the closeness and size of your eyes. The controls are easy to use, and once you make any changes with one filter you go back and adjust settings for the others.

Like Facetune, the changes get applied to a still frame of the video but those changes magically move with the video. Someone who is smiling and turning their heads has the same whiter teeth and a smooth complexion.

You can also brighten your face and surroundings, give yourself a bit of a suntan, add frames, and sparkles. Once you’re finished applying the changes, you can save the video to your smartphone photos app, share over social media, or send it as a message to a contact.

The free version gives you access to a few filters but it is a bit annoying whenever you apply a filter that doesn’t come free. A premium subscription costs $7.99 per month or $35.99 a year. A lifetime subscription will cost you $69.99.

At the moment Facetune Video is available only for iPhones and can be found in Apple’s App Store.

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