Make your iPhone one-of-a-kind with widgets.

Since the iPhone first came on the scene 11 years ago, they’ve all looked the same. Little icons for apps covering the home screen and if you’re anything like me, your home screen pages are a mess, leaving me to scroll endlessly looking for the app I need. Apple has once again copied a feature of Android phones, letting people customize their phones. It’s with widgets. They’re really cool, here’s  how they work:

 Widgets are just large icons. 3 sizes, small-medium, and large that can sit on your home screen. There are widgets for time, calendar, news, weather… you’ll find them by swiping right. You should see pre-installed widgets. scroll to the bottom, tap “edit” and scroll down again to tap ‘customize’. You’ll be able to add widgets from this screen and put them in order. Choose the apps you use most often. Now, this is where widgets get really cool. Hold down on one and tap “edit home screen”, then tap the plus button top left. Here’s where you find the options to customize your home screen. By pressing any of these widgets, you can slide it right to one of your home screen pages. Choose from these small icons, medium or large.

You can search for other widgets down below. What’s really cool is choosing a “smart stack” of weather, stocks, music, podcasts, photos, calendar, clock, and others. When you place a smart stack widget on the home screen. You can swipe through those without opening an app.

Since you’ll no longer necessarily need those apps on a page, you can make your home screen much cleaner and organized.

iPhone users are creating some really cool home screens, and posting them to Pinterest and Reddit for inspiration.

 Widgets are a big hit among iPhone users and they’re really nice looking. But fair warning, customizing the home screen can take a lot of time. But fair warning, customizing the home screen can take a lot of time and I’ve found after organizing all of your apps in folders, once you decide to remove a widget from a screen, those apps automatically go back on the home screen undoing all of that organization. There are apps that offer more options.

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