It’s graduation season and those high school seniors want something different.

You may want to give your student a laptop for graduation, but for everyone else, you can give them something that attaches to their computer they not only want but need. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tech gadgets that I think will make any high school graduate smile.

Apple and Google keep making computers thinner which means there aren’t enough ports. If you’re going to add a hub, take a look at the multi-hubs like one from Anker that connects to the computer’s USB-C port, that is common on new computers. Anker’s 5-1 smart hub connects up to 5 devices. There are slots for SD and micro SD cards where they might store photos, two USB 3 ports to connect hard drives and an HDMI port if they need to add a second monitor or play something through the TV. The biggest complaint I hear from owners of new Macbook’s is the lack of USB ports. These hubs solve the problem.

4 Gifts Grads Want and Need

  They’ve got a camera on their phone but a stand-alone action camera is a game-changer for teenagers who want to create awesome videos. GoPro’s are great, but the camera everyone is talking about right now is the Osmo Pocket from DJI. It is a 4K video camera that fits in your hands. It has an electronic gimbal to keep shots steady and smooth. It’s amazing how small this camera is, and they still figured out a way to include a video screen to see what you’re shooting. The Osmo pocket is around $350. I haven’t had the chance to fully review the Osmo Pocket but the first sunny day….


One of the more popular gadgets I’ve reviewed recently is the Smove mobile smartphone gimbal. It too helps keep shots steady. It’s got a little bit of an extender, not really a selfie-stick, but it does hold the camera out a little further for anyone who wants to become a YouTuber or influencer. The Smove is $159.

We’ve all got lots of things that need power on our desktop, and the Anker Power Cube can handle up to six things. 3 USB connections with fast charge and three traditional AC plugs. It takes up only a small space on a desk, whether it’s at school or home. I especially appreciate the included sticky-tape mount that keeps it from sliding around my desk.


Osmo Pocket

Anker Smart Hub

Anker Power Cube

Smove Mobile Stabilizer

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