Tailgating this fall? These tech gadgets will make Saturdays great again. Win or Lose

It’s football time everywhere and time for one of the second most exciting things about the fall: tailgate parties. Sure you’ve got the cornhole games, the extra chairs, the coolers and tables of food, but some high tech gadgets will bring more party to your party. I’ve huddled up some of my favorite tailgate tech gadgets you might want before the big game(s).

The great thing about televisions today is that they’re light enough to take on the road. 4K TVs are bright enough to show a good picture even when it’s fairly bright outside. As long as you can get power to the TV, an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast will help stream games and highlights to the TV. The Chromecast is good because you stream from a phone or device or laptop computer. You might want to take along an extra phone or tablet to use for streaming so the game isn’t interrupted by a phone call.

The Chromecast will stream whatever is on your phone so if you use a sports app, YouTube TV, Direct TV Now or your team’s GameDay app, it will appear on the TV screen through the Chromecast device.

Some of the biggest games each week are on network TV so you’ll also want an antenna to plug into the television. Adding an HD antenna will tune in all the big games being televised live for free.

If you want to listen to GameDay audio, sports talk radio or music from your phone you’ll want a Bluetooth speaker. Or two. The Sbode wireless Bluetooth speaker not only streams music from your phone or device but has FM-radio built-in. You won’t need a separate device putting music to the speaker, just tune in to your team’s broadcast. The Sbode speakers can also be daisy-chained together via Bluetooth to bring left and right side channels to any party in a parking lot or at home.


You’ll regret not having a portable charger for your phone by around half-time, especially if you’re using your phone for more than just phone calls and texting. There are many good options for portable power chargers and I’d certainly recommend picking one up before you leave the house for the game. Anker and RAV Power make excellent and affordable power chargers that can keep up to 3 devices charged for hours.


For bigger power solutions Goal Zero has several solar powered battery stations. The Yeti 150 is the most affordable and will power up to 5 devices at once. Charge the Yeti at home using a standard AC outlet and it will power laptops and charge them up to 2 times. It’s on sale now for $40 off at Amazon.




If you do any BBQ grilling at a tailgate party or anytime you’re outside, the Weber iGrill 2 will help keep the meat from getting scorched even if you get distracted. The iGrill 2 comes with two probes that record the internal temperature of burgers, steaks, and chicken and sends the information to an app on your smartphone. You decide the ‘doneness’ and when it reaches the perfect internal temperature you will get a notification on your phone. This is perfect if you’re trying to grill, trying to watch the game and trying to talk to your tailgate buddies.

Every team is undefeated when the season starts and with these high tech gadgets,  your tailgate party may lead the league in wins.


Sbode wireless Bluetooth speakers   $45 at Amazon

Weber iGrill 2 $67 at Amazon

Anker portable charger   $50 at Amazon

Goal Zero Yeti 150 $160 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Stick  $30 at Amazon

Google Chromecast $30 at Walmart

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