Got a MoviePass? Google makes it easier to find the movie you want to see before you get to the theater.

Do you remember the days when people would call a movie theater to find out what time the show starts? Or maybe you grabbed a newspaper to find showtimes. Today it is easier of course, with apps on our smartphones. You may have Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Fandango and MoviePass taking up the valuable real estate on your phone’s home screen. Google has introduced a new feature that may lead you to believe you can do without those apps (almost all of them).

Google has launched “Showtime search” which makes it easier than ever to see what’s playing and make an educated decision on which film to see.

To get there, just enter the word “Showtimes” in the Google search bar. It works well on a desktop or laptop browser or in the Google Chrome or Google app on smartphone or tablet. The “showtimes” search brings up an enormous amount of information on every movie playing in a theater near you.

The movies are displayed with miniature movie poster icons along with the name, rating and average review. Select a movie and Google shows nearly everything ever written about the film. Links to the movie’s page on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango and YouTube. Without needing another app you can read reviews from critics and other moviegoers, see what time it’s playing in theaters near you, watch video previews or the trailer and when you’re ready, you can purchase the ticket with your Fandango account or direct through the movie theater chain.

The only app that doesn’t work with Google’s “showtimes” search is MoviePass. If you don’t know about MoviePass you probably haven’t been to the movies in quite a while.

MoviePass is a subscription service that charges $10/month. With the subscription users can see up to 1 movie a day in the theater. Here’s how it works:

Once you subscribe you will download the MoviePass app and after a week or so you’ll receive a MoviePass MasterCard debit card in the mail. To use it, you’ll have to be within 100 yards of a theater. Through the app you’ll see what’s playing and, if there are seats available, you will reserve a ticket and MoviePass will load the debit card with enough money to pay for the ticket. Once you get to the ticket-window you’ll pay with the MoviePass debit card.

MoviePass says there are over 2-million subscribers now and that its helping lead to a great start to 2018 in terms of movie tickets sold and total revenue. I’ve been using a MoviePass card since last fall and it’s pretty obvious that more people are going to the theaters now. One ticket-taker told me last weekend that she estimates nearly 4 out of every 10 tickets she sells are paid for with a MoviePass debit card.

If you enjoy seeing first-run movies on a big screen I highly recommend MoviePass for watching and Google Showtimes for searching.


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