If someone stood you up for lunch Tuesday, they might have a good excuse.

For 3 hours Tuesday morning, Google cleared the calendars of millions of users around the world. Try to see appointments and events on Google Calendar…we saw this: an error code and a page that would never open. First reported before most people reported for work Tuesday, soon it appeared that, without Google calendar, no one knew what they were supposed to do.

Across Twitter, there was a bit of a panic.

Melanie Chrissie tweeted the gif of John Travolta’s “Pulp Fiction” character acting lost with the words “Google Calendar is down and I don’t know where I am or where I’m supposed to be.”

Others echoed Joe Casabona, “Seriously I live by Google Calendar. If it’s not there, it isn’t happening.”

Google’s calendar app worked okay. You could see your schedule but could not add anything. It also wasn’t working with Gmail and other G-suite applications. Down detector showed Google Calendar users around the world reported the outage. Nearly 3 hours later, Google issued a statement saying it is back up but did not say what happened.

The outage comes just after some Google users noticed malware being added to their calendar. Security firm “Kaspersky” discovered bad actors were sending spam and malware through google calendar invites.

Whether these two events are connected is unclear. But if you use Google Calendar to schedule all of your meetings, appointments, and events, it’s a good idea to back up that work on another calendar app such as the one from Apple, or Microsoft or a calendar app such as “Fantastical 2”.

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