She may think she doesn’t like tech gadgets, but she’ll love these.

 Not long ago if I gave my mother some sort of tech gadget as a gift I knew it would wind up in a drawer somewhere. Not necessarily because she didn’t like it or wouldn’t use it, she just didn’t feel comfortable setting it up. It was intimidating. I’m not suggesting every woman in the world doesn’t appreciate or understand tech gadgets but moms aren’t people you think about giving a gadget to as a gift. That’s changed in recent years. Moms dig tech gadgets. I’m guessing even if she isn’t using many tech things now, these gift ideas will make her happy this year.

Amazon’s line of Echo devices are in almost every home these days but maybe not your mom’s house. She’s surely familiar with Alexa from TV commercials and is curious how she can use one of these devices. Amazon’s Echo Show is a great device and probably easier for someone to use for the first time than the other devices. The Show 5 has a 5-inch video screen and camera. Along with answering to “Alexa”, mom can hear the forecast, today’s news briefings, her schedule. It’ll play music just by asking plus she can make phone calls and video calls. If you have an Echo Show all mom has to do is ask it to call you and you’ll both be speaking over video. Be sure to explain how to turn off the camera when not in use.

Everyone misplaces things from time to time and moms are no different. Whether it’s her keys, phone, purse, or TV remote, a Tile Tracker helps them find it. The Tile Mate and Mate Plus are for keys, the Tile Slim is the size of a credit card and can be slipped into a purse or wallet and Tile Stickers are for just about anything else. The Stickers are small and can be placed on a TV remote, pet collar, computer, or book cover. Using the Tile app on her phone all she needs to do is tap the screen and the Tile will play a sound and show her on a map where she can find it. In addition, if she leaves one of those items with a Tile somewhere else, the device will use other Tiles owned by other people to trigger a place on a map where she’ll find it. 

If she’s a book reader she’ll appreciate and use the Kindle Paperwhite. Even if she normally reads books using the Kindle app on a smartphone or iPad, the Paperwhite is just much easier to use and feels more like a real book. It also can be read outside in the sun. If you’ve tried doing that on an iPad you know how the glare affects the screen. The Paperwhite can hold hundreds of books (which is good since that opens up possibilities for future gifts from you. You’ll be able to purchase books and magazines for her and have them delivered to the device no matter where you are). If she’s an Amazon Prime Member, she can download free books each month. The Paperwhite is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys a good book or magazine. Since it’s a dedicated reader she won’t be interrupted by Facebook notifications, emails or text messages.

Many moms enjoy spending time in the kitchen and keeping things tidy there can be time killers. The Townew robot trash can is a help in the kitchen and a great conversation starter. Pre-load the trash can with trash bags and when it is full, the Townew will tie off the bag and replace it with a new one. It’ll send you a notification that it’s time to remove the old bag. 




Mom may not be able to get to the gym right now but when fitness centers re-open soon a Tapplock will be a handy device to toss in her gym bag. The padlock doesn’t require a key or combination you just touch it. Using your biometric fingerprint, the Tapplock pops open. 

Unless she asks for a gift card again, one of these gadgets will be a lot more exciting for her to open on Christmas morning.


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