Don’t get caught with your pants down.

¬†Imagine this: you’ve been waiting to see “Avengers: End Game” for months and when you finally settle into a theater seat to watch it, mother nature calls. Let’s all face it, that kind of thing happens and often during an important part of the movie. What do you do?

It’d be great to make that dash for the restroom during a relatively unimportant part of the movie, but how do you know you won’t miss anything critical to the plot?

The app RunPee might save the day.

Moviegoers contribute information on movies such as times where characters talk about background stuff or when there’s any other moment that isn’t pivotal. (In End Game, RunPee says there are no more than two moments like this).

RunPee has a timer you start the moment the movie begins. When one those times arrives, RunPee will send a silent notification to your phone along with how long before movie gets good again. In End Game there was just a 4 minute moment about a half-hour into the film.

The app also has a synopsis of what happens in those few minutes so even if you do have to go, you won’t get lost in the story.

RunPee is able to do this without spoilers.

But to avoid any spoilers I tried the app on the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It suggested I start the timer when the first line of the movie is delivered. The first “pee break” is about a half-hour into the movie. The app tells me it’s safe to go after the song “Fat Bottom Girls” and when I see the wheels of the jet touchdown. According to the app, I have 4 minutes before I should be settled back in my seat.

It isn’t just for bathroom breaks either, RunPee also provides a synopsis of the first 3 minutes of movies for anyone arriving late to the theater. If you’re one of those people who never walks out of the theater after the movie is over, just in case there are bonus features or extra scenes, RunPee lets you know that ahead of time.

To use the app, you must purchase “Peecoins” for roughly 10-cents each. A Peecoin reveals a certain number of bathroom break times for an particular movie that’s in theaters. Older movies, those that haven’t been in a theater in 3 months or more, are archived and can be viewed for free. I see this being helpful when watching Netflix or a DVD and no one wants to hit pause every time someone gets up to go to the kitchen.

RunPee is a clever app for any moviegoer who absolutely hates missing something.


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