I have the opportunity to review a lot of gadgets, but I’m not saying you should run out and buy them!


For most of us, money is tight. Just the standard ‘price of admission’ to all-things-tech is a astronomical. Satellite tv, Netflix subscription, internet subscription and the huge cost of owning a cellphone; it all adds up.

Parents today spend thousands more on tech in just 6 months than most parents spent in 6 years during the 70s.

Think of what our parents paid for ‘tech’, maybe 30 dollars a month for a landline phone.

No cable or satellite (we had free tv coming through the air, through an antenna and into our living rooms. No $200 family wireless bills and no Internet.

A family’s total monthly expense for basic technology necessities can easily top $500.ticklme elmo two

So when I review a new product, I want to make sure you understand that it is not intended to get you to buy them.

When companies send me gadgets to review I try them out and if I like them, I’ll tell you about them. If I don’t, you won’t hear me say anything. Unless I’m reviewing a smartphone or popular app or gadget, I save you the trouble of me saying ‘this product stinks’.

But when I do like a product I sometimes feel someone out there is going to run out and buy it the next day just because they heard it was good.

I do not take products from companies with any understanding that I’ll give it a good review in exchange for letting me keep it.

I have looked at gadgets (many smart home devices) that are incredibly cool but are not worth the money. A smartphone connected alarm clock that lets you set an alarm from another room in the house? I’ll take the $7 clock radio I got in college.

Be smart, take a breath and think about it. Sleep on it! If you hadn’t thought you needed something (like a drone or GoPro) before you saw it here, you probably don’t have to have it.

Besides, it’ll be cheaper next week.

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