Santa’s making housecalls this year over video chat.

If your child still hasn’t had a chance to sit on Santa’s lap this year, don’t worry. There’s still time left. Of course, you may not want to fight mall traffic on Christmas eve, so what can you do?

Pick up your phone and talk to him face-to-face. Well, sort of.


Several companies are offering children the opportunity to do a FaceTime or Skype type video call with Santa Claus. I found, a family business that launched the live video calls last year. By going to the company’s website, parents can schedule a phone call with St. Nick.

TJ and Ginny Howe’s young daughters Finley and Carter got the face-to-face call with Santa just a couple of days before Christmas. Using a smartphone the two dialed in and actually caught Santa taking a quick nap. He then accepted the call and talked with the girls for a good 15 minutes, asking them what they want this year and giving them the news from the North Pole.

Apparently, Santa told the girls, one of the elves got in trouble for trying to wrap a pony. “They can’t wrap a pony,” he ho’ho’d and Carter agreed. “No they cannot,” she said.

Finley asked about when he stopped by her school earlier this month and asked about one of the elves who was with him that day. “Oh yes, she comes and gives me an update every day,” he said.

Ahead of the phone call the girls’ parents shared a few details about the girls such as what they got last year for Christmas and what they’ve been up to in recent weeks. So Santa asked about the dog he left on their porch last year and asked about their dance recitals. 

Needless to say, the girls’ faces couldn’t hide their amazement for the rest of the night.

Welcome Santa enlists members of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. enlists members of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas who make their own schedules and take as many calls as they can from children from around the country. What’s especially neat about this concept is it is as special to Santa as it is to the children. Some members of the brotherhood are no longer able to sit in a shopping mall for 6-8 hours a day but they truly love the opportunity to help make Christmas special for the children. 

Video chats like these make that Christmas wish possible.

WelcomeSanta video calls are $29.95 for an approximately 5-minute video call, though ours went on for about 15 minutes. I suppose it is up to Santa and how many calls he has scheduled that night. The price also includes a keepsake video of the call.

I just checked and there are availabilities remaining up until about 11 PM Christmas Eve.

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