CES is underway in Las Vegas where hundreds of thousands new gadgets and electronics are being showcased for the first time. A common theme I’ve noticed is technological advances in the area of health and wellness.

“A lot of the technology we have today is designed to be used in the home or around the home.”

Jeff Ray is talking about a new way to track blood pressure.

Omron is in the blood pressure business. You may have even heard about their blood pressure cuffs that send the results to your doctor. But now, you can get the same information, all day long through a smartwatch.

“Blood pressure isn’t static, it’s changing constantly throughout the day,” said Ray. “So we wanted to build a device that allowed people to take continuously throughout the day to understand how the decisions they make actually impact their blood pressure.”

It’s something no other smartwatch can do. As you take the blood pressure, the watch contracts just like the cuff you’re familiar with. It’s approved by the FDA, meaning it is as accurate as blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office.

Not everything at CES is a good idea. One guy was walking the floor wearing a full-body suit that sort of looked like a skeleton costume you see Halloween night.

I also found a wearable that tells you when you need to go to the bathroom with a notification on an app.

But some products that might sound odd actually makes a lot of sense. The Welt is a very fashionable men’s belt that sort of acts like a fitbit.

“Because it’s on your waist you can track more things than a Fitbit.”

Dr. Sean Kang told me, it more accurately records steps and if your sitting or standing in a way that might cause back problems. and it’ll detect if you’re getting fatter.

“If the waist size changes one day, suddenly, we check the day as a day of eating too much,” said Kang

There are thousands of other health-related products being debuted on the show floor which opened Tuesday.

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