It’s $9.99 for 3 movies a month, of $30 for unlimited, but is Sinemia good enough for former MoviePass fans?

If we’ve learned anything from MoviePass, we know people want to go see movies at a discounted price. MoviePass didn’t fare very well, but now there’s a competitor called Sinemia.

Sinemia is similar to MoviePass in that it uses an app, and charges a monthly fee to get movie tickets for free. There are five plans to choose from. 1 movie ticket per month for $4.99, or 3 movies for $9.99, which is $5 cheaper than MoviePass’ latest plan.  Elite subscriptions that allow you to include one IMAX movie each month. The Elite plans are $12.99 for 2 tickets and $17.99 for three. There’s also a newly released unlimited plan for $30 per month where you can see 1 movie per day for the entire month. 

As you can see, either of the plans pays for itself by going to one movie a month. I should mention these prices are with a promo code. The regular price is about double.

Sinemia’s unlimited plan is similar to the original MoviePass plan

  When I’ve used it, I’ve been able to choose from any movie, any time and any theater in the area and I could buy tickets from home ahead of time several days in advance which was great for planning a movie weekend. MoviePass forced me to wait until I got to the theater.

There are some downsides. Sinemia requires you to purchase a subscription by paying for a year up-front or, if you want to pay by the month, Sinemia charges a $20 initiation fee.

It also isn’t as user-friendly as MoviePass. Here’s what I mean:

Rather than buying the ticket directly through Sinemia, I had to download another app. Using the ticket-buying app “Atom”, I had to find the movie, theate, and showtime. Reserve a seat through that app. Then open the Sinemia app, manually enter the showtime, then get a virtual debit card for paying. Then I had to go back to the Atom app and enter the card number, expiration date, CVV number and a zip code provided by Sinemia. There was no short-cut with this. I had to keep switching back and forth between the apps.

Once the payment was entered in the Atom app, I got a QR code which I took to the theater and used as my ticket. Once I went through those steps, it worked with no problem.

If you’re accustomed to MoviePass’ seamless payment system, this is a bit frustrating but if you’re okay with extra steps, Sinemia proves to be a good deal. There were no restrictions on which movies I could see.

I found if you can deal with the frustrating steps of purchasing tickets, Sinemia is worth checking out.


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