If you’re looking for a job but hate the thought of actually going into work, Amazon may be just what you’re looking for.

Amazon is looking to hire nearly 240 employees who will work from home. The jobs include positions in customer service, IT, software development, marketing, human resources and working on Amazon’s growing list of Alexa and Echo devices.

“The office that comes to you” is how Amazon describes these full and part-time positions that are available to qualified individuals who live in some areas. While there are job openings for virtual or remote locations that cover a large part of the U.S., most of these jobs seem to be available in only certain areas of the country.

Potential employees who are fluent in other languages have a number of opportunities. One part-time or flex virtual customer service associate requires someone who is fluent in Japanese and English.


Work from Home AND get the Amazon Employee Discount

According to the Amazon Jobs website, the ‘work from home’ opportunities requires that there is a working space in the home free of any and all distractions and that the hired worker must devote their full undivided attention to the Amazon customer. Applicants must also agree that they are not providing child or adult care during hours of scheduled work.

Some full-time positions offer benefits such as medial insurance, 401k, maternity leave, paid-time off and Amazon employee discounts.

For a full list of job openings in these virtual or remote locations, go to www.amazon.jobs

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