The two will soon live in harmony on Chromecast and Fire TV devices.

News today from Amazon that is the greatest thing to come to cord cutters since Sling first introduced a set-top box.

Amazon and Google devices will now work cross platform, meaning you’ll soon be able to watch YouTube on Amazon Fire devices and watch Amazon Prime video on Chromecast devices.

This is big.

Like many people, I love Amazon’s Fire Stick. I also love Google’s Chromecast, but do you really need both of them?

Up until now the competition between Amazon and Google was so intense, consumers had to choose between watching Amazon TV on a Firestick or YouTube on a Chromecast. There was no mixing the two.

Amazon didn’t even sell Google products.

There were ways to watch YouTube on a Firestick or Fire TV, but it never felt right and the interface wasn’t very good.

Amazon announced Thursday morning that the official YouTube app will be available on Fire TV in the coming months. Also, Prime members streaming to Chromecast and on Android TV devices will have unlimited access to movies and TV shows in Prime.

This solves the problem I’ve had with both devices. I’ve chosen the Roku for my primary streaming device because I was limited to one or the other. By making this move Amazon and Google put themselves on an equal playing field.

What will this mean for the Chromecast? Amazon Fire TV is superior in terms of user interface and layout. Will the decision to include YouTube see many Google users crossing the aisle?

Both streaming devices are in the same price ballpark (around $35) and I just can’t believe the average cord cutter is going to purchase and install both of them.

Amazon says it’ll roll out the official YouTube app in the coming months and then add YouTube Kids later.

Will you go with just one or the other or will you keep a combination of these devices on TVs around the house?

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