It’ll wash your car using a bottle of water.

Dad’s love gadgets and I went online in search of new inventions that dad might like for Father’s Day. And I stumbled upon a product called Norshire. It’s, get this, a car battery jump starter, a hazardous warning sign, a portable phone charger…and it washes your car.

A successful IndieGoGo campaign, the Norshire looks like a robot vacuum cleaner.  It has 2 USB inputs to charge phones and power laptops another port connects to a set of jumper cable clips and will jump start most automobile car batteries.

But the cool thing about the Norshire is its ability to pressure wash.

Included parts with the Norshire unit is a water hose tube with a filter than you drop into any bucket of water. Attach that hose to a connection at the top of the unit which sends water through the Norshire and out another port where you connect an outlet tube to the different attachments.

I received a high-pressure washer gun, a bottle to fill with a foaming cleaning soap and a long brush. Norshire also offers an optional collapsible water bucket.

I used the washer gun to soak my dirty truck then the long brush and foaming soap to clean it. You can quickly change the attachments and I used the washer gun again to rinse off the soap.

I found it to work very well. I connected the Norshire gadget to an electric outlet in my home and it took about 3 hours to charge. I washed 3 vehicles and the battery still had power enough to start charging my phone.

The way the Norshire works you only need to provide a water source into the unit. I used a bucket but you can also use a bottle of water turned upside down. I don’t recommend you plan to wash your car this way because you’ll keep having to refill, even a 2-liter bottle.

The Norshire is actually meant to stay in the car for an emergency jump start and if you’re stranded on the side of the road, it serves as an emergency warning sign.
Norshire raised over $30,000 in its initial Indiegogo campaign and is set to start shipping in August. Fun gadget and a cool invention.

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