I must have tried a hundred workout apps to help get in better shape. I wound up needing not only a workout app but I had to go in search of an app to help me eat better. After months of trying, I determined there were apps that do each job well but none that did them both.

Enter Strongr Fastr, a brand new fitness app for both iPhone and Android is as good as it gets when it comes to a total body fitness program.

Enter your height, weight and what you want to accomplish and the app will design a workout for you. Lose fat, trip up or build bulk, Strongr Fastr will create workouts specifically for those with access to a gym or who will do their workouts with bodyweight at home.

In addition to the workouts the app provides custom meal plans for what you want to accomplish. Working out to build bulk requires a significant amount of calories while losing fat means you’ll cut a lot of fat and sugar from your diet.

The meal plan includes recipes (and shopping lists for the pro version) while the workouts have instructional videos so you know if you’re doing it right.

There are some terrific apps for getting stronger, conditioning your body for distance running and swimming. There are also some terrific apps to help keep you on a good diet and lose weight. There are very few apps that can do both. Strongr Fastr is one of those apps.

link:  iOS and Android   https://www.strongrfastr.com/

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