Super easy ways to save money.

Want to save money shopping online? Sure you do. This year American shoppers are expected to spend over $350 billion online and in apps.
We’ve found 4 shopping tweaks that can help you find discounts, earn gift cards and reduce impulse buys that can help you save big.
1.      Rather than making purchases in a browser use the retailer’s app. Some companies will offer discounts to shoppers using their app. We found that by shopping on  purchases are shipped free for 4-5 business day delivery, but next day shipping is $25.  Checking the same item on the Zappos app we found 1 day shipping is free on purchases.
2.     Before buying on Amazon, check out This website checks prices on Amazon and will show you the price history of all items. Amazon prices do fluctuate and by making a purchase at different times of the year can save money. Enter the web address of the item on Amazon into the camelcamelcamel website and it’ll return dates the item was sold at its highest price, lowest price and the average cost. We checked a set of Callaway golf clubs on-sale now for $190 sold for $137 the week before Christmas. Earlier in 2015 the price was also $137. Prices ranged from $137 to $275. To get the best price CamelCamelCamel will send an e-mail or tweet when the price drops again.
3.     Shopkick is a mobile app that rewards shoppers for walking into stores. The app must be opened, bluetooth and location services turned on. As shoppers walk through the store they can scan prices of items to earn ‘kicks’ or points that can be redeemed later for discounts.
4.     Perhaps the easiest tweak is for shoppers who make impulse purchases on their smartphone. Rather than keeping the Amazon, Zappos, Walmart or Best Buy app on the first or second screen, put them all together in a single folder. The extra seconds it takes to find the app may be just enough time to help you reconsider the purchase.
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