Don’t let their Christmas stocking be an afterthought. Up your game with these gadgets that’ll fit in a stocking.

I don’t remember ever getting anything in my stocking other than candy or fruit, so we just tossed them to the side.
These mini-gadgets may change that in your house. Check these out:

The Kingston Bolt is a thumb drive…and more. If you’re constantly running out of space on your iPhone, plug the Bolt into the charging port. An app automatically begins copying or moving photos and videos to the drive so you can delete them from your phone without losing them forever. Great for transferring files between the computer and the phone. and it’s small enough to hang on a keychain.

If you can’t find a phone grip you like, check out the Love Handle. It’s an elastic loop that sticks to the back of a case. It not only helps keep you from dropping the phone but since it’s elastic it allows the phone to slip into a pocket or purse, unlike many of the other grips on the market.

A pair of computer glasses makes a nice stocking stuffer¬†too. Glasses? Don’t laugh. If you’ve got someone on your list who sits in front of a computer screen all day, computer glasses cut down on the blue light which keeps eyes from getting tired. Gamers love these things too because it cuts down on the glare from the screen. What else makes this a nice gift? I can almost guarantee it’s one they won’t get from someone else but will use every day.

If you will put candy in their stocking, how about tossing a toothbrush in there too? The Quip toothbrush vibrates to tell you how long you should brush in each area of the mouth. These are actually popular with teenagers. The Quip will send replacement brush heads every 90 days.

These are not your typical stocking stuffers. And you don’t have to wrap them.

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