November 24

Thanksgiving cooking apps can replace cookbooks.

 Some of the best chefs in the world are preparing for thanksgiving feasts by browsing through cookbooks handed down generations.
Those chefs are also using mobile apps to find new recipes for the traditional meal.
Snapguide is an app for ios and Android devices that’s similar to Pinterest. Users upload their favorite recipes and add photos to share with others on the network. In addition to the mobile apps, Snapguide is also a website with beautiful photographs and directions. The site also has directions for other things such as diy, gardening, automotive and technology. The apps are free.
A Bon Appetite Thanksgiving Manual is an stand alone app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It hasn’t been updated for 2015 but still includes thousands of recipes. A feature of this app is a timer that keeps cooks on schedule. Set the time you want to eat and the menu and the app sends users notifications when it’s time to start a dish so it will be ready when your guests are ready to eat.
How to Cook Everything is a one-stop recipe app by food critic Mark Bittman.  There are recipes for meals year round but also includes large sections of menus for the holidays.
   The app includes a shopping cart feature. When the user chooses a menu or dishes they can add the ingredients to a shopping cart. Once the menu is complete you can download or save the shopping list for when you get to the supermarket. It is a free app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
And Big Oven is an app with over 30,000 recipes. Similar to the others Big Oven also features a ‘leftover menu’. Simply add items that are left over from Thanksgiving and what you have on hand in the pantry, and the app searches a database of recipes that includes those items.
it is free as well for all devices. There is a paid version with a few extras that will also remove advertisements. And a website with those features.

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