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Monday, December 18th

A Facebook scam is going viral again. This one offers a free gift card to popular stores. What happens if you click? I’m following the scam to see how far it takes me and how much malware gets put on my computer.

Friday, December 15th

Sure, you can give them an Apple Watch, an iPhone X, battery chargers or computers, or you can give them something they’d not only wouldn’t expect, but maybe something they had never heard about. Some of my favorite tech gadgets I tried out this year.

Thursday, December 14th

a tidbit every shopper needs to know: tomorrow (friday) is free shipping day. A made up holiday when retailers offer free shipping on anything, no matter how much you buy. No minimum order. there’s also a tease in the folder.

Wednesday, December 13th

Stocking stuffers. They don’t have to be cheap gifts and fruit. Here are some of the best tech gadgets of 2017 that make great stocking stuffers for everyone. Amazon Fire Stick, Google Home Mini, smartphone keyboard, a USB drive for iPhones.

Tuesday, December 12th

Dad always says “I don’t want anything for Christmas” but I’ll bet he likes these gift ideas. portable chargers, video sunglasses and a remote controlled paper airplane.

Monday, December 11th

Looking for a gift for your hard-to-buy-for Mom? Here are some of my favorite tech gadgets for moms

Friday, December 8th

the app of the day is Apple’s App of the Year. It’s also a must-have app to have on your phone during the stressful holidays. It’s “Calm”, a meditation app that has a lot of people excited. lol

Thursday, December 7th

a consumer warning tonight: scammers are trying to take advantage of your Christmas giving spirit by using an old trick called ‘cramming’ to add charges to your phone bill that go directly to them. How does it work? What do you look for and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Wednesday, December 6th

My favorite tech things of 2017: gift ideas for music lovers. I’m looking at the best speaker for the home, on-the-go, bluetooth headphones and the ultimate Christmas gift for music fans, the best and most affordable turntable on the market.

Tuesday, December 5th

Hollywood movies, tv shows and commercials are being shot with smartphones, particularly the iPhone. Today I’m looking at tech gift ideas for anyone who loves to shoot video with their phone.

Monday, December 4th

A little-known feature of the iPhone could save your life. Emergency SOS calls 911 and an emergency contact when you press the off button 5 times. This would allow you to call for help discreetly so a bad guy wouldn’t know you’re doing it. I’ll show you how it works and how to set it up.

Friday, December 1st

The App of the Day is actually the App of the Year. Google just named its favorite app of 2017. I featured it earlier this year but it’s worth an update. The App of the Day: Socratic. What makes this the best app of 2017?

Thursday, November 30th

bitcoin is making some people very very rich. Not many people can tell you what it is or how you get one or where it comes from. I’ll have some answers and an explanation

Wednesday, November 29th

What if you can’t get your hands on this year’s hottest toy, the Fingerling? I’m taking a look at two other interactive toys for kids that are just as awesome. An augmented reality rug and a refresh of Play-Doh.

Tuesday, November 28th

Looking at gift ideas: laptop computers. It’s the best time of year to buy one but there are more choices now than the last time you bought a computer. What you need to know before you buy. What’s the difference between a pc and mac? What’s a chromebook?

 Monday, November 27th

I’m beginning to look at gift ideas for people on your holiday wish list. There is an animated graphic with music and the text “Favorite Tech Things” in the folders you are free to use. Today I’m reviewing a product that you’ve probably seen advertised on Facebook. The ScotteVest is for gadget lovers and travelers who take phones, chargers, batteries, cameras etc with them. These vests have 15-40 pockets that hold all the gadgets you might need. Does it work? How much can you fit in one of these vests, how does it look and is it comfortable?

Friday, November 24th

Black Friday? Who’s heard of Travel Tuesday? The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the best day of the entire year to book a trip. The most popular travel websites, Travelocity, Expedia etc are good but frequent travelers are raving about a travel website you’ve never heard about. What is ‘DoHop’ and can it really save money on plane tickets?

November 23rd, Thanksgiving Day

While you enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, you may be more conscious of helping others. This app makes it easy to deliver food to children around the world, with just a tap on your smartphone. Share the Meal

Wednesday, November 22nd

Two tools you need on your computer before you start shopping online. honey and wiki-buys compare prices and find discount/promo codes and coupons before you check out.

Tuesday, November 21st

update: for the rest of this week I’m going to look at some tools to help you find the best prices online. Today, it’s a website that tracks prices at Amazon. Prices go up and down constantly, like the stock market. by looking at the history of prices you can figure out exactly which date to look for a price change.

Tech gift idea: The ScotteVest. You may have seen this item Shark Tank or in a countless number of Facebook ads. The ScotteVest is for anyone who carries a lot of gadgets or other items with them when they travel. I’m testing out one of their vests with 20 pockets to see what all you can get in there and how comfortable it is.

Monday, November 20th

You need to be careful when downloading some shopping apps. There are hundreds of shopping apps in both app stores but some of them steal your information. I’m looking at 2 shopping apps you should have in your cart.

Friday, November 17th

The app of the day: Control Panel for Android. Make your Android phone look a little more like the iPhone with this app. It’s perhaps the most useful app you’ll ever add to the homescreen.

Thursday, November 16th

A series piece that might run a little longer than usual. What effects are smartphones having on the iGeneration? Dating, partying, drinking, and teen sex have plummeted since the iPhone was released in 2007. How can one device change a generation? Simple, they live their lives looking at a screen. Parents won’t be surprised at how much teenagers spend on their phones but they will be surprised at how those devices have affected everything they do (or don’t do). I’ll also have a tease

Wednesday, November 15th

We’re a week from Thanksgiving and soon many of our viewers will be dragging out old cookbooks for pies, casseroles and something new. And those old recipe books can take up a lot of room. I’m going to look at how to save your favorite recipes or everything in your favorite cookbook on your  phone, and why it’s not a half-baked idea.

 Tuesday, November 14th

In August I discovered thousands of  YouTube videos targeted at kids depicting their favorite cartoon characters doing some inexplicable things. Sex, drug use and things I cannot describe on TV. I reported them to YouTube (along with other national media outlets) but they stayed on YouTube and the YouTube for Kids app. Now, YouTube says it’s making changes to prevent these videos from being listed as ‘family friendly’. I thought we should follow up because there are some things parents should know about how their kids find videos like these. I’ll also have a tease.

Monday, November 13th

If you go by the reviews on Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yelp and the Apple Store, you probably have wondered if you can trust them. Companies hire people to leave great reviews. The website “FakeSpot” helps shoppers see who’s leaving the reviews and if they’re trustworthy.

Friday, November 10th

The App of the Day, MoviePass. I did a story on this a month or so ago and over a million people have downloaded the app that allows you to see one movie a day for just $9.95/month. I’m doing it as the App of the Day to cover the changes in its Terms and Conditions which could raise the price.

Thursday, November 9th

Why does the Do Not Call list not work? Even if you registered you may be getting more robo calls than ever before. What’s wrong with the system and why should you think twice before downloading a call blocking app. I shot this as a series piece so it may be a little longer than usual. TRT is 2:00. I’ll also have a tease for the story in the packages folder. There’s b-roll for a video tease as well

Wednesday, November 8th

Make some extra $$ for the holidays with an online side-hustle. Honest work for honest pay from Amazon and for the silliest thing you can come up with.

Tuesday, November 7th

A scam warning from the Better Business Bureau. E-mails are going out to trick Amazon shoppers into handing over their information to scammers. Why this is just the start of the busiest scamming time of year and how to protect yourself.

Monday, November 6th

Day 4 with an iPhone X and I tricked the facial ID. My son fools it every single time and unlocks my phone. hmph. Plus, I look at pros and cons to help people answer the question: ‘should I get one?’

Friday, November 3rd

It’s iPhone X day. I’m going back to the Verizon store from the iPhone 8 launch. Remember it was a total dud, hardly anyone was there. I suspect it will be different talking to the people standing in line and seeing their new phone (or being disappointed they didn’t get one).

Thursday, November 2nd

Your friends and family share alot of things on Facebook but some of your friends share or ‘like’ things that are a little more than annoying. Some of those posts may actually make it easier for a hacker to get your password.

Wednesday, November 1st

Tonight I’m doing the first of a 2-part look at Facebook scams. The first is why you should never ever ever accept a friend request from someone you don’t know. How hackers use fake friends to get you. Tomorrow I’ll take a look at some of the most common Facebook scams and how a silly quiz can cause some problems.

Tuesday, October 31st

I’m up to my elbows with sweeps today. This is a story that we ran back in February, I hope you don’t mind me sending this to you for today. It’s an evergreen. It’s a scary app that you can use to find out just about anything on anyone. Stud or Dud even uses your location settings so you can search for someone nearby. It’s designed to help people who are out on a blind date or at another public place.

Monday, October 30th

creepy shopping apps. Can you trust that the apps in the App Stores are safe to install? Maybe not, especially this time of year. How to make sure the app you’re downloading is the real thing.

Friday, October 27th

so, I pulled an all-nighter to see what it’s like to pre-order the iPhone X. Websites crashed, payment processing was a mess but after 40 minutes my credit card was charged and I think one’s-a-coming. I’m going to look at the crazy process but I’m also going to take a look at trade-in deals for all of the major carriers and how much you can save on the iPhone X or iPhone 8. This story is time sensitive and if you’re going to run it I suggest running it today.

Thursday, October 26th

A bad rabbit may be coming our way. The latest big cyber threat is taking down huge companies and agencies in other parts of the world. It’s likely coming for your computer or the computer networks where you work. What does it do and what you should know to protect yourself.

Wednesday, October 25th

Amazon made it official today. It’s launching a home delivery method that will allow the delivery person to open your door and place the package inside the house. Woah,

Tuesday, October 24th

Halloween may be good for a little scare for kids, but it can be frightening for parents. Which houses are they visiting? Could they be knocking on the door of a registered sex offender? This app, Life 360 will give parents some peace of mind.

Monday, October 23rd

Ever lose or find an iPhone? Not many people know this little trick to find out who it belongs to. And something we should all do to help recover our phones or contact a loved one in an emergency.

Friday, October 20th

winner winner chicken dinner! The most fun app I’ve seen in a loong time. HQ Trivia is a live video trivia show that pays real money. Lots of fun and brand new.

Thursday, October 19th

how much is your opinion worth? Google wants to know what you think and will pay you to answer a few questions. It’s Google Opinion Rewards. An app that’s been around for a little while on Android devices but was just released for the iPhone. I’ll show you how it works and how much you could make.

Wednesday, October 18th

If you’re waiting until Black Friday to pick up some popular tech gadgets for Christmas gifts, don’t do it. These gadgets not only are expected to sell out, but they don’t go on sale.

Tuesday, October 17th

I’m going to be looking at electronics and gadget gift ideas for the holidays that you SHOULD NOT BUY right now. I’ll follow it up with a “BUY THESE GIFTS ASAP” piece tomorrow. I talk with someone with a retail app RetailMeNot.

Monday, October 16th

UPDATE: 9:39am  I’m going to need to put off the shopping stories until tomorrow. There’s news today that affects everyone who connects to the internet over wifi. That’s everybody. You may see the story on the feeds as a WPA vulnerability. Don’t use public wifi in coffee shops! at least for now

I’m going to do 2 related stories today and tomorrow looking ahead to holiday shopping. First, Monday I’ll look at tech gifts you do not want to buy before Black Friday. I talk with a retail expert about the best time (and worst time) to buy tvs, video games, etc. Tuesday I’ll look at the 3 things you want to buy right now, if you plan to give them as gifts this year.

Friday, October 13th

The app of the day: KeyWi. Have you ever needed to send a a longish email from your phone and you’re sitting at your computer? This app allows you to use your computer keyboard to type on your smartphone.

Thursday, October 12th

Cool story! Amazon is working on a plan to keep people from having their deliveries stolen. 11 million people last year reported having packages stolen from their front door. Amazon’s plan involves delivery drivers leaving packages in the trunk of their car.

Wednesday, October 11th

If you use iTunes to organize your apps, you need to know that a new update removes every app you have in iTunes. Apple killed the App store in iTunes!!! ‘s really taking some heat for doing this without letting people know ahead of time.

Tuesday, October 10th

Can an iPad replace a laptop? I take an iPad Pro to a college campus to find out.

Monday, October 9th

UPDATE: This story has been updated to remove 3 photos. It has been rewritten and re-edited.

Hackers are using a social network we’ve all been confident is safe and secure. LinkedIn is reporting a increase in malware attacks, generally using fake accounts. You can do something to protect yourself. What to look for and what to do.

Friday, October 6th

the app of the day. One of my favorites, “Be My Eyes” helps blind people to see. I’ve mentioned it before but feel I should update it now that they’ve released an Android version.

Thursday, October 5th

When you hear another report of a hack or security breach you wonder “did they get me?” Today I’m going to show you the one thing you should do to find out if your account has ever been hacked. A website that will show you where your information might have been stolen.

Wednesday, October 4th

The Yahoo security breach is bigger than anyone thought. 3 BILLION accounts hacked and personal data stolen. That’s just half the population of the world! You may not think you have a Yahoo account,  but you probably do.

Tuesday, October 3rd

Can a smart bra help detect breast cancer early? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today I’m looking at new technology developed by an 18 year old engineering student who came up with a smart bra with sensors to detect cancer early.

Monday, October 2

I’ve been trying to find a tech story that could possibly tie into the big story today, the Las Vegas shooting. #prayforLasVegas is trending, the president calls on people to pray for victims and their families. I’m going to take a look at some of the best prayer apps for phones. These apps bring people together to pray for certain things.

As part of the story I’ve also created a Facebook page, Prayers for Las Vegas. My thought is that we can ask viewers to leave their prayers or prayer requests. It’s in the package.

Friday, September 29th

The App of the Day. Is this the best workout app in the app stores? Sworkit makes it easy and takes away the excuses.

Thursday, September 28th

update: still waiting on Amazon for an interview.

So let’s do this: We all know we need a strong password, or passwords for everything, but it’s virtually impossible unless you’re Rainman (young folks, Google it lol). An FBI Special Agent has a great idea that anyone can us

Amazon Alexa is taking over the world. Amazon unveiled 6 new Alexa controlled gadgets. What do they do, which ones are the coolest and what do they work with?

Wednesday, September 27th

Careful what you Google. A simple search could put harmful malware on your computer, and a search for these 3 celebrities are trouble.

Tuesday, September 26th

thought about holding this one for sweeps. The best deal on the internet. A movie at a theater a day for just $10/month

Monday September 25rd

Don’t know why this original post didn’t go through. I’m looking at the battery issues some are reporting with iOS 11. Why it’s draining the battery and what you can do about it

Friday, September 22nd

I’m covering the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. I’ll be standing in line with other iPhone customers to find out what made them upgrade from whatever they had, and why they chose not to wait on the X

 Thursday, September 21st

Keeping with this week’s theme of upgrading to a new phone, I’m going to take a look at what you need to do before selling or trading in a phone. A few steps will prevent someone from getting your photos, phone numbers and email. This happens a lot.

Wednesday, September 20th

Get the most from your used smartphone. Apple and Samsung have new devices and that always means people begin thinking about trading in or selling the smartphone they’re using now. What’s the best way to get the most money from your old smartphone?

Tuesday, September 19th

We spend money on Amazon but a little known secret is you can MAKE money on Amazon by doing a little cleaning around the house.

Monday, September 18th

iOS 11 comes out tomorrow (Tuesday, 19th). Should you upgrade right away? What will it do? I’ll also look closer at the new “do not disturb while driving” function.

Friday, September 15th

The App of the Day: Songbot. One of my all-time favorite apps. Pick the song you want to listen to and it searches every radio station in the world to play it live.

Thursday, September 14th

Update:  I’m not seeing much about the Kaspersky anti-virus ban on the internet so I’m going to do something on it. Why it was banned, what to do if you use it, and what to use instead.

Every time a new iPhone or Samsung device is released people start thinking about putting their current phone up for sale so they can purchase a new one. This always leads to people leaving their photos and information on their old phone so it can be found and used by whoever is buying the phone. What should you do before selling or trading in an old phone to protect your information.

Wednesday, September 13th

Who needs a $1,000 smartphone? That’s the price of the new iPhone X. Is it really too much to spend? For some people, maybe not

Tuesday, September 12th

iPhone event. iPhone event! We’ll get our first look at the new iPhone(s) and probably a few other new gadgets. This event begins at 1 eastern time. I plan to have it ready by 5pm.  I’ll also be live-tweeting  twitter.com/jameytucker and maybe a Facebook Live during the announcement at https://www.facebook.com/thetechguyontv/

Monday, September 11th

The app we mentioned the other day: Zello. Did it work? People saw it all over Facebook then a Miami station did a story and said it would not work. How did it do? I’m going to talk to people on Zello to see what their experience was when the power went out.

Friday, September 8th

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have propelled an old app to the top of the App Store downloads. What is Zello and why would you want it? It’s the App of the Day.

Thursday, September 7th

Disaster or bad weather preps. We’re taking a look at a few gadgets to have on hand when bad wx and power outages are possible. These gadgets are also good for tailgate parties.

I am waiting on a gadget to be delivered today for this story. Please let me know if you need the piece before 5pm eastern today. I’d like to include this gadget but if you plan to run the story in an early show let me know and I’ll finish it without the gadget included. Otherwise the piece will be available by 6pm eastern today.

Wednesday, September 6th

Even if you don’t plan to buy the next iPhone you’ll be interested in what Apple does next Tuesday. iOS 11 will be released with a ton of new features. It comes out Monday but I’ve been using it for several weeks. I have seen the future and will show you the coolest new things you can do on your iPhone, no matter which one you have.

Tuesday, September 5th

what we know about new iPhones. Apple will unveil the new iPhone(s) next Tuesday. Here’s what we think we know about what the new phones will be like.

Sunday, Monday September 3rd and 4th

Only power users of iPhones know this little tricks. A few things you probably didn’t know you can do on an iPhone.

Friday, September 1st

Gas prices are going up! This App of the Day may have been on your phone at one time. Gas Buddy is the best app for finding the lowest price in your area, and now (this week) Gas Buddy has a new feature that will save you 15 cents a gallon to start and 5 cents a gallon after that. No matter where you fill up.

Thursday, August 31st

Since the story on GoFundMe a couple of days ago I’ve heard from some viewers who are critical of the crowdfunding site over how much $ they keep from people who are receiving funds. So I’m going to do a little math today to see how much money GoFundMe is profiting from Hurricane Harvey. Other sites that help raise money aren’t charging anything for it. GoFundMe is going to make 100’s of thousands.

Wednesday, August 30th

There are many ways to give to the relief efforts in Texas. Amazon though, is doing something that’s never been done before. Rather than sending money to the Red Cross, Amazon has put up a Red Cross storefront on its site listing items that are most in need. Now Amazon customers can purchase an item and have it mailed directly to the place it is needed. Pretty cool move by Amazon.

Tuesday, August 29th

Hurricane Harvey online scams. They’ll be showing up everywhere soon. What are GoFundMe and Facebook doing to keep these from taking your money? What should you look out for? I’m efforting an interview with GoFundMe.

Sunday/Monday August 27th/28th

Easy way to donate to relief efforts in Texas. Apple and Amazon are taking your donations to send to the American Red Cross using the credit cards you have on file.

  Friday, August 25th

The App of the Day: Are you pretty good at math or science? An app that helps kids with their homework is looking for some tutors and they say you can earn up to $2,500 a month in your spare time.

Thursday, August 24th

Is this the best tech toy of the year? A lot of people think so. It’s a block similar to what you played with as a kid that turns into a magical world when you look at it through glasses. I checked it out earlier this year and waited until it was released to do the story.

Wednesday, August 23rd

I’m looking at Facebook’s Virtual Reality. The network bought Occulus for millions, what is it and what can it do. How can it change the entire Facebook experience?

Tuesday August 22nd

NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEO! for real. Thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube that have never been watched. You can find them on a very cool website called Astronaut.io that randomly drops in on some corner of the world, 24 hours a day.

Sunday/Monday August 20th and 21st

This one can run after the eclipse, or before. Millions of people will take pictures of the eclipse but what do they do with them? Google is making a megamovie using photos submitted by regular people and amateur photographers. I’ll show you where to sign up and what you’ll dol

Friday, August 18th

The app of the day: Wish your selfies looked better. More Kim Kardashian, less Kim Jun Yung? This app does the trick.

Thursday, August 17th

During the solar eclipse we can expect cellular networks to be crowded and depending on where you are, you may not be able to go online or connect with friends over your smartphone. This new technology called a mesh network will bail you out. Here’s how it works

Wednesday, August 16th

how to save money the old fashioned way, using new apps. 3 apps that are guaranteed to build your nest egg.

Tuesday, August 15th

NASA is looking for a few good scientists to help during the eclipse, whether they’re in the path of totality or not. A look at it’s new app that will gather more data on an eclipse in history

Monday, August 14th

There are a lot of eclipse apps in the app stores, is there one better than the rest? Yes, this one tells you exactly when to look.

Friday, August 11th

The app of the day will earn you a little money just by taking photos with your smartphone

Thursday, August 10th

The answer to a submitted question: I forgot my Facebook login information and now I can’t get back in. Will Facebook help? No, but there is something you can do to prevent it from happening.

Wednesday, August 9th

I’m taking a look at some cool ideas for college students to take to campus.

Tuesday, August 8th

a British model was kidnapped by men in Italy at an airport, then held captive. They posted her “for sale” on the dark web. Police have arrested one person and continue to investigate. I thought this is a good time to revisit The Dark Web. What it is, and what evil lurks beneath the surface of the www.

Monday, August 7th

The upcoming solar eclipse will possibly be the most photographed event in U.S. history as nearly everyone is likely going to take a photo with their smartphone. What kind of shot might you get from your smartphone camera? Let’s have a look, and a few things you’ll want to try to improve your chances.

btw, there is a tease in the dropbox folder.

Friday, August 4th

The App of the Day, a homework helper that does the work for you.

Thursday, August 3rd

What do you need to shoot the eclipse like a pro? I’m talking with a professional photographer who’s invested a lot of money into getting the perfect shot on the 21st. What do you need?

Wednesday, August 2nd

The next computer you buy may not come with a mouse, you may control it with only your eyes. Microsoft announced it will add eye-tracking to future computers. How does it work? I’ve got a preview from 2 companies who developed the software.

Tuesday, August 1st

Disturbing children’s cartoons on YouTube AND YouTube Kids. These fake videos are easily discovered in searches for favorite cartoons. Here’s what happened after I blocked the videos, Google’s response and 3 things parents should do.

Sunday-Monday, July 30-31st

What is it like to have dyslexia? Around 20% of people have it but the other 80% can never understand what it’s like. A website aims to help

Friday, July 28th

The App of the Day: Quizlet. Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a parent or someone who wants to learn a language or math or history or whatever, Quizlet helps memorize and learn any subject.

Thursday, July 27th

How can teachers use Facebook to connect with their students and parents? Social media is a slippery slope for teachers in middle and high schools especially, but it can be done right.

Wednesday, July 26th

Teachers are getting ready for the start of school with decorating their classrooms, getting supplies and working on lesson plans. As they get ready there are some things they should do on Facebook. Even though they may be prohibited from friending their students, there are still some things that can pose problems. How teachers (even parents) can protect themselves with a few tweaks to Facebook.

Tuesday, July 25th

Every iPhone user needs to update their phone immediately. A new bug has been discovered that could allow a hacker to control your phone just by walking past you or sitting nearby at a coffee shop or even in your apartment or hotel room. Why is this update so urgent and what you need to do about it ASAP. If you were planning to run Tuesday’s story at a later date, this one is time sensitive.

Monday, July 24th

Amazon has a new gadget for the kitchen that makes it easy to replace items in the fridge. I’m trying out its new wand, plus a surprise box of sweets with just the press of a button. A look at the super secret Surprise Sweets dash button.

Friday, July 21st

An app that lets you text or type with one hand. A keyboard app from Microsoft that turns texting on its side

Thursday, July 20th

What’s eating your data plan? Does your family need a new unlimited plan? I’m looking at how much data you need based on what you and your kids do on the phones.

Wednesday, July 19th

The FBI on Tuesday issued a warning to parents about toys that connect to the internet. You’ll be able to find a network package I’m sure. I’m following up on that report by showing the ONE THING parents can do to protect their children and their family’s privacy. It’s a simple thing really. Get a P.O Box.

Tuesday, July 18th

How many guys in their 20s live with their mother and play video games all day? Is that just a stereotype? New research suggests it not only is true, but it’s a problem that may get serious.

Sunday/Monday July 16th, 17th

Apple is watching you everytime you go somewhere and it puts your location on a map hidden deep within your settings. I’ll show how it works, where to find it and how to turn it off.

Friday, July 14th

The App of the Day, for all the wrong reasons. Moms you need to know about this one, it’s called Melon. It’s popular and offensive and even threatening.

Thursday, July 13th

The Echo Dot was far and away the biggest seller on Amazon’s Prime Day. There are a lot of our viewers using them, or will be getting on in the mail today and tomorrow. Here are a few things you should know about the Dot and a couple of gadgets that work with it.

Wednesday July 12th

What can a fake Facebook account do to you? Not too long ago I accepted one of those requests just to see what would happen. The hacker sent me a message posing as my aunt. We had an interesting chat before they cursed me out. I’m going to show you some of the things they’ll try to do after they send you a request.

Tuesday, July 11th

The Jayden K Smith Facebook message was a hoax. But that doesn’t mean friending someone you don’t know can’t hurt you. Here’s how the bad guys use fake Facebook profiles to ruin your day, and maybe your computer

Sunday/Monday July 9th and 10th

Run out of space on your iPhone? There are many ways to solve the problem, but none better than this gadget.

 Friday, July 7th

How did a stay-at-home mom make $500,000 by cleaning out her closet? She used the App of the Day. Poshmark

Thursday, July 6th

Finding free wifi is more important than ever now that people are using more of their data plan. Facebook is to the rescue. A brand new feature helps locate free and safe wifi. It’s something everyone on Facebook can use. And that’s practically everyone.

Wednesday, July 5th

how to take great photos and video of next month’s solar eclipse with a smartphone.

Tuesday, July 4th

Since it’s the holiday I’d like to offer one of the most commented upon stories ever on What the Tech? It’s from 2015 and many of you have never run it. It’s ‘how to tell if a battery is dead’. If it’s no okay with you to run an ‘already ran’ story, let me know. This will free me up to do an eclipse story on Wednesday

Sunday/Monday July 2,3

New emojis are coming your way and there are some weird ones.

Friday, June 30th

the app of the day: stop getting those robocalls with the app of the day: HiYa uses other people who’ve downloaded the robo calls to block them from ever getting to your phone.

Thursday, June 29th

Friday is “Social Media Day” as proclaimed by a social media website. How has FB changed our lives for better or worse? I’m talking to a social media expert and giving some examples of how life has become different in the past 10 or so years. Friday is social media day so this story is best to air today or tomorrow. I won’t mention it within the package.

Wednesday, June 28th

Update: I’m still waiting on the interview but will go ahead on a ransomware story. How to protect your computer, what companies can do, why we’re still in the beginning stages of attacks

I’m efforting a follow up to the cyber attack yesterday. I have a call in to a former Navy cyber-security expert for an interview. In the event that doesn’t pan out, I’m going to do a story on the best solution to saving things like photos and video on an iPhone. I think it’s more relevant to our viewers. Watch this space if you need to know ahead of time. I should know for sure by lunchtime.

Tuesday, June 27th

Snapchat was a big story Monday and I’m guessing you may have had something about the new Snap Maps in the newscast. I’m going to try to advance the story with an explanation from Snapchat, other apps that share location, how to find out which apps your child is allowing to share location and the importance of knowing who your friends are.

Sunday/Monday June 25th,26th

You and the kids will use their phones and tablets on vacation. No brainer right? Here are a few tips for taking those devices on a road trip. How to watch movies without eating up a data plan, an app to help pass the time and how to keep those devices from distracting everyone and ruining the point of being on a vacation.

Friday, June 23rd

the app of the day is for the moms and dads who will be traveling with kids this summer. When someone in the backseat says “I gotta go”, you’ve got to find a bathroom and pronto. This app from Charmin helps find the nearest bathroom and tells you whether it’s clean or not.

Thursday, June 22nd

This one’s for the moms who’ll be taking the kids to a birthday party (parties). 3 brand new toys that turn everyday things into magic. I’ve got a rug and duvet that use augmented reality and the Play-Doh for the 21st century

Wednesday, June 21st

Hate your job? Google will help you find a new one. A brand new feature from Google will search all the job search websites to help you find what you’re looking for, where you’re looking and even what company you want to work for. It’s a game changer when it comes to finding new employment.

Tuesday, June 20th

Verizon, Sprint and several other major tech companies went down this week leaving thousands of customers without internet or phone service. It’s not just frustrating, but it’s kinda scary. What do you do when things go down? How to find out if it’s just you and the best way to let the companies know there’s a problem.

Sunday/Monday June 18, 19th

PayPal. In the last week a news director, his wife and then my wife asked me “What’s the deal with PayPal? Should I use it?” I figured viewers have the same question. So here’s everything you need to know about PayPal, who should use it and who doesn’t need it.

Friday, June 16th

Friday already? It’s “The App of the Day” and I’m looking at the #1 photo editing app you need on your phone before taking that next sunset picture.

Thursday, June 15th

Parents, want to know what your kids are doing on their phones? Here’s how to spy on them

Wednesday, June 14th

This one is for the youngsters (and their moms). When you’re little you don’t have much money to buy dad a gift. For moms who want to teach their kids to buy gifts and be thoughtful, these last minute under $2 tech gifts are perfect.

 Tuesday, June 13th

Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who loves gadgets and gizmos.

Sunday/Monday June 11th-12th

Facebook just got a patent to watch you when you’re using it. Looking at your face to detect how you’re feeling.

Friday, June 9th

The App of the Day: I’ve got an app you absolutely have to have on your phone. Everyone has found themselves looking for a restaurant, an ATM or something else on vacation. This app finds it for you using augmented reality.

Thursday, June 8th

We’ve all gotten an Ivy League education this past week about the power of Facebook and the stupid things people do online. This one touches on the Harvard story of 10 students who had their acceptance rescinded because of things they posted on Facebook. I found a recent graduate of Harvard who’s active on some student Facebook groups. We talk about how exactly this happened and what parents and students should know before they post anything anywhere.

Wednesday, June 7th

Great news for anyone who’s ever broken their iPhone screen. Reports say Apple is about to release their “screen repair machines” to around 400 businesses. How much does it cost right now to fix a screen and what do you need to know.

Tuesday, June 6th

This is a story best used for Tuesday. Apple made a lot of announcements Monday and I mean a. lot. Many of them were interesting mostly to tech nerds, but some very cool things are coming to the average iPhone/iPad user. Here are the most important things you should know. plus, I’ve already downloaded what won’t be available until the fall. I’ll give you a first look at iOS 11.

Sunday, Monday  June 4-5th

10 years ago Google brought us the world like never before. It’s the 10th birthday of Google Streetview. Here are some of the best places to visit and some of the weirdest things caught by streetview cars.

Friday, June 2nd

The App of the Day: Anyone can get an Ivy League education with this app. Tuition is free. It’s the most valuable iPhone app of them all, iTunes U, an overlooked app on every iPhone. Take a look at what you’re missing.

Thursday, June 1st

Thinking of getting a home voice assistant like the Amazon Echo? You need to know what these things can do. It may surprise you. I’ll take a look at some of the cool things Alexa can do to make life easier (or at least cooler)

Wednesday, May 31st

Are you traveling somewhere this summer? Using public wifi? You should definitely be using this to protect your information. What is a VPN or Virtual Private Network and where can you get one?

Tuesday, May 30th

Looking at a new pair of HD video sunglasses. Great Father’s Day gift. I’ll talk with the inventor and take them for a spin.

Sunday, May 28th, Monday May 29th

The most frequently asked question: how do I save the photos on my phone before I delete them? Here’s a step-by-step solution from Google

Friday, May 26th

The App of the Day. It’s the fitness app I use several times a week. “Strong” is not your average fitness app though.

Thursday, May 25th

Everyone hates robo-calls but we might soon be getting robo-voicemails without our phones ever ringing. It’s a fairly new technique by marketers to send automated messages to smartphones. Your phone never rings but you get voicemails. The FCC is being asked to make them legal. What are they? How do they work? What can you do to tell the FCC how you feel?

Wednesday, May 24th

Keeping your family and friends connected even when there’s no wireless network. It’s new technology called a “mesh network” that allows for people to connect to one another for texting over bluetooth, over other people’s phones. I’ll explain this ‘hi-tech’ tech with an app “FireChat” and why you would even care.

Tuesday, May 23rd

Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? Which is the best streaming service? I’ll put them to the test.

Sunday-Monday May 21st,22nd

It’s a LinkedIn secret almost nobody knows and it will help you find the right  connection to get a job. Only 15% of college graduates go to work straight out of school. This can change that.

Friday, May 19th

Everyone shoots video with their smartphone then ask: “What now?” This week’s App of the Day is a nifty easy way to turn videos and photos into a movie. It’s so easy, the app does it for you. Perfect for vacations and special events (like graduations). It’s Quik.

Thursday, May 18th

The dangers of public wifi. We all use it when we travel or just out of the house. But hackers are using it too to steal your information and possibly your identity. What are the tricks bad guys use and how we can protect ourselves.

Wednesday, May 17th

update:  i’m still working on tomorrow’s sweeps piece on using public wifi on vacation. For today I’m going to need to use this hold story on vacation security and steps you should take before you leave home to leave worries behind.

Hmmmm, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Which streaming service should you choose? I’ll put the two to the test to see which one comes out on top.

Tuesday, May 16th

Didn’t get hit with the WannaCry ransomware? Good for you. But…there’s a  chance you could be hit in the future and the odds are higher than you think. Attacks are expected to double this year according to the FBI and it won’t stop growing. Stop what you’re doing and take steps to protect yourself and your computer. How to keep from being a ransomware victim.

Sunday/Monday May 14-15

With thousands of businesses and individuals being hit by the most recent ransomware, I’m looking at a solution. A new product that claims to protect 99% of computers that are attacked

Friday, May 12th

The App of the Day. This is going to sound crazy, but the app I use most on my iPhone is a clock. Work Time is an elegant clock on  your iPhone that’s more useful than you think.

Thursday, May 11th

There’s one app you probably have on your phone right now that’s tracking every move you make. It’s on your computer too along with every other device you use, it knows just about everything about you from the past decade and stores that information to share with other companies. What is it? Alphabet. You know it better as Google.

Wednesday, May 10th

Do apps really spy on you? Why do they need access to my camera and microphone when I download and install them?

Tuesday, May 9th

Just have to play that game? You’re probably downloading an app that tracks your location, logs your name, email address, home address, who you call, what websites you visit, texts you send and photos you take. What’s in those ‘terms of service agreements’ when you download a free app? and what do they do with it?

Sunday/Monday May 7th and 8th

Mother’s day gifts. We’re running out of time, it’s next Sunday. Here are some tech gifts you may not know or thought about.

Friday, May 5th

The App of the Day is a ridiculously simple app to keep track of time and your calendar. It’s called Work Time and I use it every single day. All day.

Thursday, May 4th

Today is World Password Day (it’s a thing now). I’ll talk to people about their terrible passwords and give some tips on how to come up with something rock solid. note: although today IS World Password Day I won’t mention it in the package so you can run it anytime. It will be mentioned in the intro if you want to run it today.

Wednesday, May 3rd

Graduation announcements have been mailed and it’s time for many of us to think about graduation gifts. I’ve got some tech gift ideas grads will actually use. (no offense to Dr. Seuss books)

Tuesday, May 2nd

A couple lose custody of two of their 5 children after people on YouTube report they’ve been abusing their children by posting videos where they prank the kids. This story may make the news wires later today.

Sunday/Monday  April 30th and May 1st

Log off or power down? You’d think turning off your computer when it’s not being used will save money and be better for the environment. But it may actually harm the environment. We’ll have the pros and cons of the age-old question, “should I just log off or power down?”

Friday, April 28th

NAB ended yesterday and I’m back home to do an App of the Day story. This is a talker. An app that cheating spouses and criminals use that might also come in handy for some innocent reasons. An app, Burner, which allows a phone number to be used to hide your tracks and will be ‘burned’ so it leaves no record of who made the call. Burner is the App of the Day.

Thursday April 27th

NAB day 3. How you will be watching movies att the theater in the future. . See the action, hear it, feel itt, and smell it.

Wednesday, April 26th

NAB day 2;; is virtual reality going to matter in your living room? Will we ever watch tv and movies in VR, or is it just another novelty like 3d? What tech companies and film makers doing to bring VR into your home. Watch this space. It’s another tight deadline for early shows.

Tuesday, April 25th

I’m traveling to Las Vegas today for NAB. I plan to send back a look-live in front of Google or drones or whatever I can find quickly. Should there be a problem there is a story slugged Glass or Glass Age in both the Dropbox and on the server. I anticipate having the NAB story ready in plenty of time though.

Sunday/Monday April 23rd and 24th

Vinyl records are huge and this old technology, many say, is better than the newer technology of digital downloads. If you’re looking at buying a new turntable to spin some stacks of wax, there are a few things you need to know.

Friday, April 21st

The App of the Day: For parents of high school graduates this one is arguably the most valuable app on their phone. As seniors prepare for graduation and college, the App of the Day helps find thousands of dollars in scholarships they’d otherwise never discover. I’ve done Scholly before but it recently had a big update and is worth doing again for the new features.

Thursday, April 20

You’re brushing your teeth all wrong. Now you can use artificial intelligence to see which teeth you’re missing every morning. A new (released a few days ago) toothbrush is connected to your smartphone and it shows in real time if you’re hitting them all.

Wednesday, April 19th

Facebook had some huge announcements Tuesday. Augmented and virtual reality, ordering food within messenger, playing games and some other mind-blowing things. Sure, they’re exciting but will you ever use any of them? Here’s what’s coming to Facebook:\

Tuesday, April 18th

Facebook Live’s big problem. How can Facebook prevent someone from posting or streaming a murder or suicide? Is it even possible? Here’s what Facebook is doing now and what it could do in the future.

Sunday/Monday  April 16th, 17th

Apple is tracking you. This is a hidden ‘feature’ for anyone using an iPhone, it allows Apple to track your location and keep a history of places you go to the most. So it can figure out where you work, where you live, where you shop and many other things just based on where you spend time. I’ll explain and show you how to turn it off.

Friday, April, 14th

The App of the Day: 2 ‘winners’ this week. Judging from all the yellow dust on our cars it is allergy season. I checked and saw that each market has a high level of pollen in the air. I’m looking at 2 apps that will alert you of what’s making your eyes water. One has a lot of information and the other will give you a forecast of when pollen will be worse, even when you travel.

Thursday, April 13th

When I did the story last month on the YouVersion Bible app I noticed it was the #1 most clicked “What the Tech?” piece over the past few months and since it’s Easter week, I’m going to demo a new feature of the app in a story about virtual reality. Google just launched a new website where people can tour places all over the world and The YouVersion app just released a new virtual reality experience where the user can walk through the historical places of the Bible.

Wednesday, April 12th

A Missouri woman says one of her Facebook friends took photos from her Facebook profile and used them to try and extort money from former boyfriends. So far this story hasn’t picked up much coverage but it might today. The Fox affiliate in KC did something on it last night. I’m using it to jump off to a piece on how you cannot protect  your photos from being downloaded by a friend and what you can do. I’ll include the KC story at the front but I’ll make it possible for you to edit off the front of my piece should  you get something from KC and choose to run their story.

Tuesday, April 11th

Is this the next big thing for kids? Seems teens are moving from one social media network to another every couple of months. Is Live.ly the flavor of the month or does it have legs? How teenagers are using this live broadcasting app and how some teens are making as much as $6,000 a week making stupid videos.

Sunday/Monday, April 9th-10th

I caught up with a YouTube star otherwise known as a YouTuber. Hannah Hoffman is a computer science major in college but her YouTube status has gotten so big, she’s going to do videos full-time rather than getting a high paying job as a programmer. How does someone become famous for making YouTube videos? How much can you make? What do her parents think? What’s the secret?

Friday, April 7th

The App of the Day: Apple released a brand new video editing app this week that’s supposed to make it sooooo easy to shoot and edit a quick video to share with friends. Let’s take a look.

Thursday, April 6th

If you’re a parent you’re concerned about what your child is going to do when they get older. As robots and computers take jobs away from humans, who knows what the job market will look like in 10 years? But what if a toy you can buy today will almost guarantee a good job by the time they get out of high school? I’ll look at two toys that the tech industry believes will pave the way for a high paying career at Google, Facebook or another fast-growing company.

Wednesday, April 5th

update: 8:49am have your kids ever purchased something without your permission? Amazon is being forced to refund around $70 million to parents who’s kid made an in-app purchase without their parents knowledge. I’ll tell parents what they need to know and how to get their money back.

The other day someone asked me, with all the tech gadgets I use, what’s the best thing I ever bought? It’s a $40-$50 tablet that’s now 5 years old and I still use it every day. My first edition Kindle Fire. What’s so great about these devices and why it’s the perfect gift for a toddler.

Tuesday, April 4th

A consumer alert tonight. Android owners you’re target #1 for hackers. They’re coming for your phones AND your information. Why are hackers targeting Android phones and what can you do about it? by the way, more of our viewers use Android devices than iPhones.

Sunday/ Monday April 2,3

Do your kids play way too many video games? Before you take their controllers away, you should see this: Video games are positioned to be the next big spectator sport. How are people making millions? What should parents know?

Friday, March 31st

The App of the Day is an app or extension for the Chrome browser. Got a co-worker who won’t leave you alone? “Nope”, not anymore.

Thursday, March 30th

Your chance of getting hit by ransomware and losing everything on your computer is rising every day. Friday is World Backup Day and we’re talking about the importance of backing up your computer and how to do it, even if you know nothing about computers.

Wednesday, March 29th

A missing 15 year old girl and subject of a nationwide Amber Alert, reportedly communicated with the teacher suspected of kidnapping her, through an e-mail secret tactic called “drafting”. What is it and what do parents need to know?

Tuesday/ March 28th

Apple’s new update is killing some of your favorite apps. Thousands of popular apps will stop working. Here’s why and how to find out if your apps are included.

Sunday/Monday March 26th-27th

A new way to turn old DVD movies into something you can watch anywhere you go. It’s “Vudu” and will give you a digital copy of a DVD for $2.

Friday, March 24th

App of the day: the best shopping app to save money at the grocery store. It’s Flipp and I guarantee you’ll want it.

Thursday, March 23rd

If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em. Apple just purchased an app that just may be the best app you’ve never heard of. Workflow automates many of the things you’re already doing on your phone. You can even create your own app (yes anyone can do that). I’ll explain

Wednesday, March 22nd

Amazon made a huge change this week for people with Amazon Alexa devices. If you want something delivered right now, all you have to do is say “Alexa, order ___ from Prime Now” to have it delivered in less than 2 hours. It’s only available in some areas…at least right now. I’ll show you how it works and why this is a big deal.

Tuesday, March 21st

Going hands-free 2. Yesterday we looked at how to use hands-free features in Siri and OK Google, today I’m looking at 4 or 5 gadgets that make driving safer when you’re carrying a cellphone.

Sunday/Monday  March 19th/20th

Going hands-free. States and municipalities are looking to ban using cellphones in cars, unless it is hands-free. In this piece I’ll show how to use some iOS and Android features that you may not know exists, that allows you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel. I’ll follow this up with a piece on some hands-free gadgets.

Friday, March 17th

It’s App of the Day Friday. Today we’ll look at a must-have app for iPhone and Android users. Google Photo Scan, turn those paper photos into shareable pics for Facebook and online scrapbooks.

Thursday, March 16th

Update: 9:50am. The Facezam story is a better one for today. This app claimed to be able to identify and find anyone on Facebook by snapping their photo. The ad was placed all over Facebook but It turned out to be a hoax. Is it possible though? And can Facebook prevent it?

Seems everyone cannot wait to buy the next version of whatever it is they use. iPhones, Macs, etc. But there’s a device that’s outlived the last 6 iPhones and still going strong. It’s the best gadget for the money, better than an iPad (in some ways) and costs less than $50. A viewer sent in an email asking me ‘what’s the best gadget you ever bought?’ It’s the Kindle Fire and here’s why.

Wednesday, March 15th

Amazon Gives Back. An easy way to donate to your favorite charity while spending money at Amazon. The company will donate a portion of what you spend to a charity, but you have to know this one thing to make it work.

Tuesday, March 14th

Our key demo probably doesn’t Snapchat but they’re about to see for themselves what it’s all about. Facebook ripped off Snapchat with the latest Messenger update and now billions of people (many of our viewers) will be able to send Snapchat type messages to friends. Here’s how it will work.

Sunday/Monday  March 12-13th

What’s more valuable than gold? At the moment it’s 1 bitcoin. What is this online currency and should you care?

Friday, March 10th

The App of the Day: Songbot will play your favorite song by searching through 90,000 radio stations to find one playing it right then.

Thursday, March 9th

Netflix hit a milestone this week when it was announced that more than half of all households now subscribe. Netflix is now more popular than the DVR. Now, Netflix is taking requests. If you’ve ever searched for a movie only to find it isn’t offered, you can ask Netflix to add it.

Wednesday, March 8th

Can Facebook control how you feel? It’s been a year since Facebook released ‘reactions’, those angry, sad, haha, wow and love reactions you can use instead of liking a post. How Facebook can use those to change your mood and how it’s done it before.

Tuesday, March 7th

Facebook is rolling out the new “disputed/fake news story” tags this week. I’ll show you what it is, how it works and why it needs you to make it work.

Sunday/Monday March 5,6

iPhone Secret Secrets  Only power users know about these iPhone features.

Friday, March 3rd

The App of the Day is an app for people of faith. Lent began this week and I want to look at one of the most downloaded apps of all time. The YouVersion Bible, downloaded more than 250,000 times. Even people who use the app on Sundays are missing some features.

Thursday, March 2nd

Scammers and the IRS. It’s that time of year again scammers will try take money you think the IRS is taking. How their messages look in your email inbox and what to watch out for.

Wednesday, March 1st

This is a great time to shop around for a new phone plan. The 4 big guys are now offering unlimited packages, but they’re not the same. I’ll compare family plans to help you decide.

Tuesday, February 28th

Great news for wireless customers, the big 4 companies are fighting for your business. For the first time in years unlimited data plans are available, but which one is the best? I’m rounding up the new plans to compare them all to see what you have to choose from. Which company has the best price and which has the best deal?

Sunday/Monday, February 26th-27th

This is a sweeps piece looking at the dangerous, illegal and awful Dark Web. It’s an underworld that makes up the biggest part of the internet. What’s there, who’s on it and what parents need to know. This will run in the 1:45-2:00 range.

Friday, February 24th

App of the Day: I’ve had the flu all week and this app might have kept me from getting sick. Might is the big word here, probably not, but it’s a cool app. It claims it’ll help keep you from going to areas where other people are sick.

Thursday, February 23rd

Need company the next time you watch tv? A website thinks you might. This is a website where people watch people watch tv. weird I think, but it’s very popular.

Wednesday, February 22nd

It’s the app of choice of terrorists that you can download right now. The social media app Telegram and how the bad guys are using it to plan and announce terror attacks and why we can’t do anything about it.

Tuesday February 21st

If you’re selling or trading in an old smartphone there are steps you should take to prevent someone else from getting all of your photos email and other information. This piece is intended to follow the previous story on what’s left on your phone but will stand alone as well.

Monday, February 20th

What’s left on your phone. I’m putting 2 stories together about what can happen if you don’t take steps before trading in or selling an old phone. This guy found hundreds of pictures from the previous owner. Tuesday’s story will be the how-to part of the series.

Friday, February 17th

The App of the Day. If you’re frustrated with trying to monitor how much time your kid is playing games and watching videos on their phone, this app is for you. And it’s free. Oh, and it works.

Thursday, February 16th

You’re at a concert or sporting event and some total stranger taps you on the shoulder and says “hey, I knew your were going to be here” and he knows your name, where you live and more about you. What would you say if I told you Facebook is rolling out a feature that would allow someone to do just that?

Wednesday, February 15th

If you were planning on another piece today about virtual reality let me know. I didn’t feel that many people in our target audience were all that interested in another VR story so soon after the last. I’m going to do something instead on a weird little website I found that has “never before seen video”. Literally, no one has ever seen these videos because they all have zero views on YouTube. The makers say it’s a random look at humanity.

Tuesday, February 14th

Is virtual reality the next big thing or the next big bust (like 3d tv)? I’m looking at the advanced VR gadgets that anyone can buy today as well as how virtual reality may change reality of huge and expensive roller coasters.

Sunday/Monday February 12th/13th

What can you do if you are caught on a Facebook Live video and you don’t want to be included?Depending on where you are there’s nothing you can do about itt. But privacy fears go much further with new technology that Facebook has in place right now. Your private information may be going out all over the world, without your knowledge or consent.

Friday, February 10th

The App of the Day is a brand new dating app called Hater. Unlike all the others Hater hooks people up based on things they hate in common. Yes, hate, that wasn’t a typo.

Thursday, February 9th

Your filthy phone is filthier than you may realize. Studies have shown a typical smartphone carries 10x more bacteria and germs than a public toilet seat. Ewwwhh! What can you do about it? I’ll show you a few things you should never do to wipe down your smartphone and a new product even Apple suggests to clean and sanitize your device.

Wednesday, February 8th

A dating app may be putting your information online for anyone and their brother to see. The app, Stud or Dud is for people who would like to know more about the person they’re going out with. It’ll show whether they’re single, where they live, age, criminal history and other information you’d rather someone not get. Helpful for dating, but even if you’re not on the dating scene your information is listed here too. What is this app and what can you do to prevent it from sharing your information.

Tuesday, February 7th

I should have made this a sweeps piece as parents are going to be very interested in this. Cracking the secret code of teenagers. They’re using emojis instead of words in text messages and on social media. What does a gas pump emoji stand for? An electric plug? A peach? I couldn’t find a teenager willing to go on camera to tell us what they mean, but I’ll tell you about some of the emoji that kids are using and what parents can look for if they keep an eye on their text messages. I’m still working on this but it’ll be ready by the afternoon. I’m putting some video in the dropbox if you want to tease it.

Sunday/Monday February 5th, 6th

This new technology may blow your mind. It allows someone to control a video game or another gadget just by paying attention to it. Operate a computer with your brain!

Friday, February 3rd

The App of the Day: Most everyone would like a security camera system to protect their home but those can cost a lot of money. This free app does everything most of those expensive gadgets can do. It’s called “Manything”.

Thursday, February 2nd

Let’s kick ’em this sweeps! Tonight, a solution to the #1 problem we all have: our phones losing their power before the day is over. A company thinks it has a solution to the power problem. New technology that can change the world by charging your phone while you walk around anywhere. Yep, charge your phone wirelessly in airports, offices and homes. Sending juice through the air! Wow! It’s coming soon.

Wednesday, February 1st

Women can spend hours of frustration trying on/buying/hating makeup. It’s a problem trying on new shades of color in a store because they can’t accurately see how a lipstick or eyeshadow looks until they put it on. Now, using Pokemon Go-type technology, a new mirror is coming to stores to help women find the right makeup.

Tuesday, January 31st

Don’t get Face-Jacked! That’s the term for when someone gets access to your Facebook account without your permission. Think: suspicious spouses or curious co-workers. Facebook just made possible for us to use security keys to keep our accounts secure. I’ll show you how these security keys work and why you need one.

Sunday/Monday, January 29th-30th

Scam Alert. You may have heard about the scam going around now where the bad guys get you on the phone for a sales pitch or something else, and they ask “can you hear me okay?” When you say “yes”, the scammers use your recorded ‘yes’ to make a large purchase. This scam was all over the place last week, but is it real? I looked into the validity of the scam and will explain what you should do if you get a call like this.

Friday, January 27th

The App of the Day. Is it a homework cheat or homework help? Students all over the country are using this app to do the work just by pointing their smartphone camera at a homework question. Socratic.

Thursday, January 26th

One of America’s greatest ‘toys’. Play Dough has been around for.ev.er and it’s as popular with children today as it was 40 years ago. But now new technology brings those Play Dough creations to life. This is one of the coolest things I saw at CES this year.

Wednesday, January 25th

Someone is watching EVERYTHING you search for. Google’s search engine shares your searches with advertisers. Creepy right? A search website you’ve never heard of is gaining on Google’s popularity because your searches are private and secure. What is this browser and how does it compare to Google? And why the strange name? “Duckduckgo”

Tuesday, January 24th

Facebook friends got you all stressed out over politics and a new administration. It may be worse now than it was before the election. Don’t de-friend those friends, you don’t even have to hide them. I’ve got a Facebook feature only power users know where they only see the posts you want them to see.

Sunday/Monday,  January 22nd/23rd

What’s on your computer??? Mmmmm I don’t know. Could it be Satan?  Yes, that’s the name of a newly discovered program that’s for sale. People who are buying it can create their own ransom ware program. That’s the program that will kidnap your computer hard drive. What is Satan and how do you keep it from infecting your computer?

Friday, January 20th

Do you have a stack of business cards around that you’ve been meaning to add to your smartphone contacts someday? It could take hours to copy all of that information into your phone OR,  you can use the app of the day. Cam Card does most of the work for you.

Thursday, January 19th

Rotten passwords are the #1 way bad guys steal your information and identity. It isn’t even close. An FBI Special Agent gives us what is probably the best system for creating passwords that are impossible for anyone to guess but possible for anyone to remember.

Wednesday, January 18th

Thousands of people who gave money to a Kickstarter project may be out hundreds of dollars after the company closed before shipping any products. It happens from time to time when a new invention that seems to be too good to be true, is exactly that.

Tuesday, January 17th

Don’t think much about driver-less cars? You might when you consider never having to sit in a carpool line again, or trying to find a parking space at the mall. Autonomous cars are closer than you think to hitting the highways. I’m looking at Ford’s new car it just unveiled.

Sunday/Monday, January 15th/16th

Much has been made about the controversy over why Facebook refused to take video down showing a 12 year old girl committing suicide. You know the story I’m sure. Georgia girl who live-streamed her suicide by hanging. It stayed up on Facebook for days/weeks and may still be there. Contrary to many reports SHE DID NOT USE FACEBOOK LIVE  to stream her death, but another popular app with teens and pre-teens called LiveMe. What is it and what do parents need to know?

Friday, January 13th

The App of the Day: Everyone takes photos with their smartphone and you may not know there’s an easy way to turn your best photos into $$$. Today’s app does that, it’s Foap.

Thursday, January 12th

Have you ever seen a tv that’s thin enough to put on a wall like wallpaper? Of course not, but LG unveiled one last week at CES. I’ll look at two of the best new tvs you’ve ever seen.

Wednesday January 11th

Everyone seems to take ‘peace-sign selfies, but people are being warned that if someone wants to steal your identity, they can use one of those photos to trick a phone’s fingerprint sensor.

I’ll also show people how to change their Amazon Echo device settings so it doesn’t order something you don’t want.

Tuesday, January 10th

Before I left CES and Las Vegas I attended the opening of the world’s first airport for drones. It’s outside Vegas in the Nevada desert. I’ll explain what it is and why we may see similar airports coming to a city near you.

Sunday/Monday January 8-9th

The Best of CES: It wrapped up Sunday and I’m looking at my favorite gadgets and inventions of this year’s show.

Friday, January 6th

robots that will help around the house. I’ve got 2 robots that promise to fold your clothes and another that will keep track of what you throw away in a garbage can and make a shopping list based on what you’ve run out of. It will even order replacements the moment you throw an empty container away. (yes, I did end those last two sentences with prepositions, I’m too tired to re-write)

Thursday, January 5th

Today I’m looking at new gadgets for moms and working women. I’ll show you a camera that will keep an inventory of what you have in your fridge and send you notifications when something is expiring, a smart connected baby stroller and a nightlight that doubles or triples as a wifi extender, camera and will send you a notification if the door to your child’s room opens in the night.

Wednesday, January 4th

from CES. What’s taking over the show this year? Virtual reality. I’m going to look at how some companies are taking virtual reality far beyond just looking through a pair of goggles.

Tuesday, January 3rd

Today is a travel day to Las Vegas. I should be there in time to put something together for your newscasts. I’m going to have a piece on 3 gadgets that have won CES Awards for the most innovative products of 2017.

Sunday/Monday Jan 1/2

Be careful before you use an ATM. Skimming is becoming more and more of a problem. How do you know what a skimmer looks like? We’ll show you in this piece.

 Friday, December 30th

Happy New Year! Today is a piece about new year’s resolution apps. I’m looking at apps that will help you quit smoking, get your finances in order and get in shape.

Thursday, December 29

Give Back Box. Use those used Amazon boxes to donate items to Goodwill in a very unique way.

Wednesday, December 28th

Some iPhone secrets only power users know. A few things your new (or older) iPhone will do that your friends don’t know about.

Tuesday, December 27th

Everybody got gift cards this Christmas and they probably have some from last Christmas they never used. Here are a couple of places online that will buy your unused gift cards.

Sunday/Monday  December 25-26th

billions of new devices will go online this week as people open Christmas gifts. The FBI says it poses a security risk.

Friday, December 23rd

Christmas tech at the dollar store

Thursday, December 22nd

A look at an app that helps the blind to see through the eyes of  volunteers.

Wednesday, December 21st

Robotic gifts for kids

Tuesday December 20th

Part two of the best tech gadgets of the year.

Sunday/Monday December 18th- 19th

Starting my list of top 10 tech gadgets of the year. #10-#6 this time

Friday, December 16th

Another massive scary Yahoo security breach. What does this tell us? Time to say vamoose to Yahoo accounts. Here’s why you need to give it the boot and what to replace all of those yahoo accounts with.

Thursday, December 15th

Virtual reality is going to be a huge gift this year. Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy commercial of people wearing these headsets? I’m looking at the three headsets plus a 360-degree camera that captures stunning video and audio. I’ll be looking at the Galaxy VR, Google Daydream, Oculus for PC and the Galaxy Gear 360.

Wednesday, December 14th

Mom’s kid has asked for a video game or video game console. She doesn’t know anything about them. I’m answering their questions: what’s the difference between XBox and Playstation? How do I know if the video game he/she wants is something I want them to play?

Tuesday, December 13th

Drone buying guide. They’re going to be a top gift again this year. Which one should you buy? This buying guide may help.

Sunday Monday, December 11th, 12th

A look at some educational toys for kids. The 3d Doodler printing pen and a toy that teaches kids the basics of computer coding. I took the toys to a classroom to see how students like them.

Friday, December 9th

The App of the Day is Apple and Google’s App of the Year. What makes Prisma stand out from all the other photo filter apps? We’ll show you.

Thursday, December 8th

Televisions are a big seller at Christmas and this year there are more options than ever. What’s the difference between 4k and UHD? How to decide which tv is right for you, and the room you put it in.

Wednesday, December 7th

Scams and the dangers of shopping at work. I’m talking with an FBI Special Agent with some of the things shoppers are doing that put not only their information at risk, but also their employer. 3 things you SHOULD NOT DO while shopping online.

Tuesday, December 6th

Walk down any aisle in any hardware store or department and you’ll see dozens of smart home devices such as doorbells, security cameras, and lights all operated from your smartphone. If you’ve wanted to turn an old house into a smart home, the holidays is a good time to go for it. I’m looking at a few products perfect for building your smart home.

Sunday/Monday December 4-5

Gifts for grandparents. They’re difficult to buy for because, quite frankly, they’re scared of technology. These gifts are high on enjoyment and very low on maintenance. A teddy bear that records their grand baby’s heartbeat, a digital picture frame that does the work for them, and one tech gift that doesn’t cost anything but will be the best present they get this year.

Friday, December 2nd

Did you know the biggest day for phone activations is Christmas? So many people are trying to activate their phones at the same time it often shuts down the servers for a spell. Since phones are such a popular gift I’m doing a piece on the best phones of 2016.

Thursday, December 1st

I’m getting away from gift ideas today ’cause my grandparents couldn’t go until Thursday night. A couple of big announcements for cord-cutters. Netflix now allows users to download movies and tv shows to their devices to watch offline, and AT&T rolled out its lower priced program where subscribers can get content online rather than by satellite.

Wednesday, November 30th

Gifts for dad. The top tech gift ideas of 2016. It’ll include a device to help dad grill, a heavy duty bluetooth speaker, one of the new turntables, GoPro, drone, dash cam, bluetooth headphones. This and all other gadget gift idea stories will begin with a :07 animated graphic open with music.

Tuesday, November 29th

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Now, we’ll turn to Christmas. For the next several weeks I’ll be looking at gadget gifts for the holidays. I’ll separate these for people who may be on your list. Moms, dads, grandparents etc. Today it’s gadget gifts for mom. All of these pieces will start with a 7 second animated graphic with music. A cute thing with Santa Claus. If you need to cut it for time you certainly can. But I do like it.

Sunday/Monday November 27th/28th

Starting a look at some of the best gadget gift ideas of the year. Today, it’s gadgets small enough to be stocking stuffers.

Friday, November 25th

A couple of websites YOU MUST visit if you shop online. These sites save you money at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other retailers.

Thursday, November 24th Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than shopping for Christmas. This is an app that makes it easy to share a meal with a hungry child someone around the world. So far the app has raised over $1.9 million to fight global hunger.

Wednesday, November 23rd

Shopping Tips. Google shows you how busy a store is before you leave the house and an app to help you make a list for everyone you need to buy Christmas for, and will help stay on budget.

Tuesday, November 22nd

Cooking apps. Need some help in the kitchen this week? These apps and websites will help find new and exciting recipes and will help with the leftovers.

Sunday/Monday November 20th-21st

It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at new Android  phones. After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up (literally) I thought I’d look at two possible replacements: Google’s Pixel and the new LG phone. Smartphones are one of the more popular Christmas gifts.

Friday, November 18th

The App of the Day: I’m looking at one of the best (out of dozens) Black Friday apps. This one has all of the BF ads AND you can earn cash back just by using the app. A bonus $10 just for using it once.

Thursday, November 17th

You can buy some really cool tech gifts for Christmas that won’t break the bank. Here are 5 or so best gadget gifts you can buy for $50 or less.

Wednesday, November 16th

A story I think every viewer will be interested in. Google just released a new app to help capture all of your old paper photos in a high quality file to go on your computer and will store it safely in the cloud for ever and ever.

Tuesday, November 15th

A series piece: “Don’t Call Me”. A look at why teenagers and young adults (millennials) hate to talk on the phone and why it could pose some problems for the rest of their lives.

Sunday/Monday November 13th-14th

How to make some extra money for the holidays. I’ll look at a few websites where you can get your ‘side-hustle’ on and could make enough for your entire gift list.

Friday, November 11th

Update: I need to work on a series for next week, so I’m changing today’s story. I’m doing the app of the day on Scholly, an app to help high school students find college scholarships. It’s timely. I’ll do ‘how to take a picture of the moon’ on monday.

The App of the Day: The Supermoon is Monday and this story can run either today or Monday. I’m featuring what I believe is the best camera app in the app store that will be good to take the difficult photo of the moon. Super or not.

Thursday, November 10th

A new website will show you what your co-workers are making.

Wednesday, November 9th

A consumer alert just ahead of the Christmas shopping rush: counterfeit shopping apps in both iTunes and the Google Play Store. These apps look like the official apps for stores such as Foot Locker and Hermes. It was discovered they are fake and could steal your credit card information. What to look for to tell the difference between a fake and the real thing.

Tuesday, November 8th: Election Day

You may not have time for a tech piece today but I have one that ties into the election that can run Tuesday or Wednesday. An app and a Spotify playlist to relieve post-election anxiety. I ask viewers to add their favorite songs to the playlist.

Sunday/Monday November 6th & 7th

Wanna get away? Several celebrities threaten to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win Tuesday. If you’re thinking of getting out of Dodge, these apps and websites will help you get started.

Friday, November 4th

The App of the Day: A dollar store for your home screen. Buy things from Hollar for a Dollar on this new app that’s picking up a lot of steam very very fast and just got a $30 million investment. I’ll compare prices to Amazon too.

Thursday, November 3rd

Someone asked me about the price comparison website that I mentioned in the piece about Amazon’s Black Friday. This  story explains more about the site camelcamelcamel.com, how it works and why it’s a good place to start before you shop.

Wednesday, November 2nd

Amazon has launched Black Friday 50+ days before Christmas and 25 days before anyone else. But how good are the deals? Are they really Black Friday prices? We’ll find out.

Tuesday, November 1st

Millions of people are not going to the doctor and tapping an app to have a doctor come to them. This is a series piece that examines new mobile health apps and concerns other doctors have about them.

Monday, October 31st

wanna see something scary? Bad guys are spying on some people who have web security camera systems.

Friday, October 28th

coming back around to The App of the Day: Sworkit will get you in shape in no time.

Thursday, October 27th

The best Halloween apps are in virtual reality. These are the best apps at scaring the tech out of you.

Wednesday, October 26th

Drone racing. It is a thing now and it’s coming to television. Professional drone pilots are competing for prize money and it just could be the next made-for-tv sporting event.

Tuesday, October 25th

Halloween and high tech don’t often go hand-in-hand, but the Halloween mask I’ll show you uses a smartphone to make a costume come alive. Oh, and it was developed by a former NASA engineer.

Monday, October 24th

Perhaps you’ve seen an old Facebook hoax rear its ugly head. Again. The Facebook Hoax that just won’t go away because people keep falling for it. No, you cannot post “I don’t give Facebook permission…” blah blah blah. You’ve agreed to let Facebook use whatever it wants.

Friday, October 21st

Update:  I’m going to do something on the Apple lawsuit over the fake “apple” items being sold at Amazon. The App of the Day story can be a hold for next week.

Tuesday, October 11th

More problems for Samsung. Galaxy Note 7 replacements are reportedly catching fire. None of the  wireless carriers will sell them and Samsung has stopped making them. What we all can learn from these incidents and why you should never ever buy some things online.

Monday, October 10th

It’s cyber-security awareness month and today we’re talking about the one area that’s becoming the #1 problem for people online. Bad guys kidnapping your computer and holding it for ransom. The story is uploaded.

Friday, October 7th

The App of the Day is popular among teenagers because it let’s them communicate with classmates in school even if they don’t have wi-fi or a cell signal. Because of the technology it uses the app, Jott, is now being downloaded and used by people who are near hurricane Matthew. It allows users to send texts to friends even if cell towers are torn down or overwhelmed.

Thursday, October 6th

I think I should do something on Facebook’s Safety Check. A large percentage of our viewers haven’t seen this go into effect before and Hurricane Matthew may be their first introduction. How does it work? How do you find out if someone is safe and how do you report yourself as safe? We’ve never had anything like this before during a major U.S disaster. This story should run Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Wednesday, October 5th

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and several times I’ll focus attention on some cyber security nightmare, leading up to the scariest of all Halloween. Today I’ll be looking at horrible passwords and one program/app that does the hard work changing your passwords to something difficult.

Tuesday, October 4th

I’m going to do something on the big changes to the Facebook app. The next time you open Facebook you’ll see a whole new line of icons and options. FB is rolling out the changes now and we’ll show you what you need to do to open some of your favorite Facebook options after the change.

Monday, October 3rd

Secrets of iOS 10. Iphone users are familiar with some of the new features in iOS 10. There are some things though that are hidden, or “secrets”. I’ll have a few things you didn’t know.

Friday, September 30th The App of the Day

Did you watch the debate and still have no idea who to vote for? Today’s app of the day is Tinder for the voter. Swipe right or left to key questions and the app shows you which candidate most aligns with your issues.

Thursday, September 29th

Think you’re safe from the Yahoo security breach because you don’t have a Yahoo email account? Wrong. Millions of people may have had their information stolen without knowing Yahoo had it in the first place. How did Yahoo get their personal information to begin with, how to find out and what to do about it.

Wednesday, September 28th

change in plans:  lots of chatter and information everywhere about the RIP Brad Pitt scam spreading on Facebook. I think I should do something with that. How to know if your Facebook account and computer have been damaged by malware and what exactly happens when you click on a bad link

Think the Yahoo security breach doesn’t affect you because you don’t Yahoo? I’ll just bet you are wrong. You may have a Yahoo account you either didn’t know about or didn’t remember. And the one thing you should do with any account you never use.

Tuesday, September 27

You wouldn’t want to tell the bad guys where you live but everytime we go online we’re giving bad guys what you might called our computer’s ‘return address’. It’s how malware gets sent to our computer. I’ll show you the best way to protect your computer is to use something that basically ‘fakes’ where your computer is. It’s a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Sunday/Monday September 25th/26th

I’m looking at a gadget that will turn anyone into a movie maker. The Padcaster holds an iPad and adds a professional camera lens to shoot video good enough for the big screen. I’ve got a filmmaker trying it out.

Friday, September 23rd

This is usually an App of the Day story, but I think it’s important to do something on passwords after the big Yahoo security breach. I’ll look at a surefire way to make a killer password.

Thursday, September 22nd

Answering a question from a viewer today who wants to know how to store documents on a flash drive. I know it’s elementary, but I feel some of our viewers have the same question. I’ll talk about the pros and cons of using a flash drive, and which program to use if you want to do it easily by uploading to the cloud.

Wednesday, September 21st

Clickbait! What it is, how they make money and why you may not want to click on the outrageous headlines.

Update: I woke up with what I hope are allergies. I’m not feeling up to sweating through a story shoot this morning. Besides, I’m not sure the Note 7 story appeals to a good percentage of the audience. So I’m going to do something different today. I’ll post here and send on Slack as soon as I know something.  Thanks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 folks will be returning to stores today to trade in their potentially explosive phones for new ones. I’ll be in one of the stores to talk to people about what’s been going on and how they feel about Samsung devices now. Ideally this is a story that should air today but it could also hold for a day.

Tuesday, September 20th

Samsung Note 7 users can take their phones back to the store for a new phone Wednesday, but what if they bought it from Samsung.com. They can’t ship it back to the company because UPS, FedEx and the USPS won’t ship it. So what do you do? I talk with a customer service rep over the phone who told me “I don’t know, call back later”. What Note 7 owners need to know. This piece is dated and needs to air Tuesday. It’ll be old by Wednesday.

Monday, September 19th

Kids have a name for people like Apple: Copy-cats. Here are some of the new things in iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 that Apple ripped off from Android.

Friday, September 16th

iPhone 7 is released today and people are lining up to get it. I’m going to a Verizon store that’s serving breakfast to people who came out overnight.  I’ll talk with people about why they’re upgrading and show off the phone and all it’s features and one missing feature. I don’t believe the new earbuds are in stores.

Thursday, September 15th

Since the iPhone 7 hits stores tomorrow I’ll cover the release on Friday. So today I’ll do the “App of the Day” story for the week. This app blocks calls from sales reps and scammers. Never get an unwanted spam call again.

Wednesday, September 14th

So a college kid held up a sign during ESPN Gameday last weekend asking Mom to send beer money using his Venmo account. He hauled in over $22,000 from other people. What is Venmo and why is it so popular among college kids? And is it the future of sending people money?

Tuesday, September 13th

Ios 10 is available for download today and this is a really big upgrade over what you’re used to on the iPhone. What can you expect after adding it to your phone? Messages, photos, notifications, mail, Siri: it’s all different. I’ll show you some of the coolest changes.

Sunday/Monday September 11th-12th

Prepare yourself and your iPhone for a big update Tuesday. I’ll look at some things you should do before downloading iOS 10. This a big update for iPhone users and lots of cool things inside of it, it’ll be ready for download Tuesday.

Friday, September 9th

The App of the Day. It’s Stickk, an app and website that holds you accountable for any goal you may have. Fail to stop smoking, eat healthy or exercise and you’ll have to pay up to a friend or the candidate you DON’T want to win.

Thursday, September 8th

You can build your own phone! All the talk yesterday about the iPhone 7, I thought we should shift gears to a new and creative Android phone that let’s users design their own phone. If they want stereo speakers add them with a click, if they’re watching videos they can take off the speaker and add a projector. We’ll talk about modular phones.

Wednesday, September 7th

iPhone 7 reveal day. The keynote begins at 1p ET. I am attempting to cover the story from inside Griffin Technology, one of the largest makers of iPhone gadgets in the world. All of the workers there watch these keynotes as a group. Designers are taking notes on specs etc so they can begin designing cases etc the moment they have enough information. I plan to watch with them and do the story from that angle. I have not confirmed it yet (Tuesday evening). If this doesn’t work out, I’ll simply cover the news with video and photos of the new iPhone and new watch. I’ll post to Slack immediately when I know something for sure. I’ll also update this page as quickly as I am able. If you’re not in our Slack group you may want to do it today. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch without you needing to check the website or e-mail. Our group is whatthetechteam.slack.com. You can click to join.

Tuesday, September 6th

Update 10am :  I’m going to include the story of a man who used his wanted poster as his Facebook profile pic. Yeah, he got caught.

Careful what you say, an app could be listening, and recording. A fan of the Golden State Warriors (NBA) is suing the team over its app after the fan claimed to discover the app was recording his conversations even when he wasn’t using it.

Sunday/Monday September 4-5th

This one is dated and must run before Wednesday!! Apple is expected to reveal its new iPhone, the iPhone 7 on Wednesday. What’s not to love about a new iPhone? Plenty. I’ll explain why this is the one new iPhone you want to skip.

Friday, September 2nd

The App of the Day: the best app(s) for listening to college football games on the go.

Thursday, September 1st

College football kicks off this weekend, tonight for some teams. I’m looking at gadgets to take to the game or just use while watching the game from home. Tailgatin’ gadgets

Wednesday, August 31st

Why you should update your iPhone today. A major security flaw makes our iPhones easy targets for bad guys who want to steal your email, call logs and anything else you have on your phone. Apple learned of the flaw and immediately patched the hole (which shows just how serious the threat is). I’ll tell you why and what this flaw could do to your phone.

Tuesday, August 30th

I am doing a story about a malfunction with many iPhone 6 and 6+ devices that have brought owners to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple. The malfunction has been dubbed “iPhone Touch Disease” and is happening many times. I’ll be interviewing a technician about what causes the problems and why the phones cannot be fixed.

Monday, August 29th

Can you buy a car on Amazon? The online retailer turned the key on a new website called Amazon Vehicles. What’s it all about and is there a possibility that you could someday soon get a car delivered to your door in a huge Amazon cardboard box?

Friday, August 26th

The app of the day: Quik.  There are lots of video editing apps in both app stores, this app makes putting together a shareable video easier than anything else I’ve seen. It grabs photos and videos in your camera roll and makes a video with music. You can change things if you want, but it’s veeerrry easy to do.

Thursday, August 25th

I’ll be doing the Facebook and your political leanings today. What does Facebook think of you, and is it right? The social network thinks it has you all figured out. It can almost guess who you’re voting for in November. I’ll show you how to find out what party Facebook believes you align with, and a few other things it knows about you.

Wednesday, August 24th

Update:  11:04 am.   my interview postponed for the Facebook politics story and I’ll try to do that tomorrow. Instead, today I’ll be doing something on how technology is changing the funeral business. New tech will turn the ashes of the ‘dearly departed’ into art or jewelry.   I hate story changes.

What does Facebook think of you, and is it right? The social network thinks it has you all figured out. It can almost guess who you’re voting for in November. I’ll show you how to find out what party Facebook believes you align with, and a few other things it knows about you.

Tuesday August 23rd

Happy Internet Day. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of the World Wide Web to the public. I’m not exactly sure what I will do with this, but it’ll be something like the curiousity and skepticism then and some statistics today. I’ll try to make it interesting. By the way I will write it without mentioning ‘today’ but it’ll be something that should run this week.

Monday, August 22nd

What is the internet of things and why should we care? New research shows an exciting, but a little frightening near future where jobs are being replaced by robots and computers. Some occupations once thought of as being ‘safe’.

Friday, August 19th

The App of the Day: the creepiest alarm clock where strangers buzz your phone to say “good morning”.

Thursday, August 18th

Another university announces its offering a degree in video gaming, and a few other universities are offering video game scholarship, putting video gaming in with the athletic programs. I’ll look at why this is happening and what people can do with a video game degree.

Wednesday, August 17th

Apps every student (or business person) should have on their device. We’re looking at calendar, to-do and organization apps every college student should take to campus.

Tuesday, August 16th

Can an iPad replace a laptop? The newest iPad is advertised as being a pc laptop killer. I’m talking to people on a college campus and ask them to try out a gadget that just any want you to toss your laptop forever. 

Sunday, Monday August 14th and 15th

Have you tried searching for a movie on streaming devices and can’t find what you’re looking for? Long gone are the days of running to the rental store for that “Pretty in Pink” or “The Matrix”. If you only stream movies your choices are limited. But! DVD rentals are still available and some people are going back to them for several reasons. I’m looking at why DVDs are better than streaming and where you can find rentals today.

Friday, August 12th

The App of the Day:: Pocket, an app that let’s you save anything you find on the Internet or your camera roll, or your e-mail or, just about anything else.

Thursday, August 11th

What’s it like to read like someone with dyslexia? I’ll show a website that gives us some idea, and talk with an expert about an app that help people with dyslexia.

Wednesday, August 10th

Update:  10:31 CT

My interview on the dyslexia story can’t shoot until late this afternoon. I’ll  put something together on tech at the Olympics for today. Twitter is suspending accounts of people who post photos, gifs or anything from the Olympics, a newspaper is using robots to cover the games and a competitor drops his phone in an Olympic match.

This dyslexia story will run Thursday.  What’s it like to be dyslexic and what are some things, apps that can help people who deal with it. I found a website that will give you some idea of what it’s like to read with dyslexia

Tuesday, August 9th

Walmart is buying Jet. Not a jet, but the Jet. What is Jet.com and how do its prices stack up with Amazon?

Sunday/Monday Augst 7th and 8th

School’s back in session for some of us so let’s take a look at how Facebook is being used in the classroom. Many schools have policies that forbid, or at least they suggests that teachers do not become friends on Facebook with their students or parents. I found a teacher who’s using Facebook quite well to stay in touch with his classroom and here’s how other teachers can do it too.

Friday, August 5th

The app of the day. Crop on the Fly, this app converts vertical video shot on a smartphone into a horizontal picture good enough to send to tv stations for air.

Thursday, August 4th

I got some feedback on the chatbot story the other night from people wondering what to do with them. I’m going to have a list of 3 or 4 chatbots you should try.

Wednesday, August 3rd

Samsung’s newest phone is released today and it has something very cool. It will scan your eyes, match your iris in order to unlock the phone. I cover every iPhone release, this is a big deal for Android users and about half the audience carries Androids.

Tuesday, August 2nd

All about Bot. What are these things (chatbots)  you’re starting to see on Facebook Messenger? Tech analysts say they’ll some day replace websites. Really? I’ll look at what they are, how they work and why you should care.

Monday, August 1st

Teachers are headed back to school this week to get ready for the school year. Here are 3 things they may want to take with them to help make their jobs a little easier.

Friday, July 29th

It’s App of the Day Friday: do you still use post-it notes? This app turns those notes into digital pieces of paper you can organize, create and share.

Thursday, July 28th

Making your e-mail account impossible to be compromised, even by the Russians. It’s 2-step verification and a small device you can put on a keychain.

Wednesday, July 27th

Our smartphones depreciate faster than brand new cars we drive off the lot. Some of them lose over 65% of their value just a month after it’s released. Which phones hold the most value and why?

Tuesday, July 26th

Have you ever left a voicemail message that you wish you hadn’t? Maybe you stumble around and not make sense, or say something you shouldn’t have? Smartphones and wireless companies have installed a feature that can prevent awkward voicemails. I’ll show you what it is.

Monday, July 25th

Your iPhone will soon prevent atm skimmers from taking your cash. Two of the largest ATM manufacturers are shipping 70,000 new ATM’s that will use the iPhone touch-pad rather than a card and password. I’ll show a security video of a man quickly adding a skimmer to a convenience store card swipe while the cashier turns her back, and show how it is almost impossible to tell when a skimmer is on a bank ATM terminal.

Friday, July 22nd

It’s the App of the Day: an app that creates some of the best (and coolest) selfies you’ve ever see. It’s called “Pip”

Thursday, July 21st

According to the ASPCA there are some 7.6 million companion animals that enter animal shelters nationwide and almost 2.7 million were euthanized. Many of those family pets had simply run away from home. Today I’ll look at a gadget, an app to help locate runaway pets, and how Facebook helped bring one dog home that swam over a mile across a lake before being found.

Wednesday, July 20th

Angie’s List has been around for 20 years and it’s a great place to find reputable plumbers, electricians etc. The problem for consumers is that to see the reviews you have to pay a subscription. Angie’s List is now free, and the reason is interesting. It’s because of Facebook and Amazon.

Tuesday, July 19th

Sorry this is coming in a little late this morning. My computer crashed last night before it updated. Anyway, many of our viewers are sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon-Go, but the technology behind it is pretty cool. I’m going to look at a few apps that are similar to Pokemon that let you experience augmented reality.

Monday, July 18th

Back in the saddle, and when I was gone I noticed my kids were draining my data plan. Here are some things you should do before you leave home on any trip

Friday, July 15th

The app of the Day, Be My Eyes. An app that connects blind people with volunteers to help with daily tasks. Basically it helps them see.

Thursday, July 14th

We spend a lot of time talking about iPhones, but Android devices are better when it comes to these features. And why Apple is copying them for the next iOS update.

 Wednesday, July 13th

Cyber security jobs. If you’re looking for a job there’s no better career than in cyber security. A quarter of a million job openings with $50k as a minimum. And the government will pay for your school, pay you to go to school and guarantee a great job when you graduate.

Tuesday, July 12th

Siri secrets. Things you didn’t know Siri can do if you ask her.

Monday, July 11th

FOMO, the fear of missing out. Jealous of that Facebook friend who posts only great things? New house, new car, new job, great kids. It’s called FOMO, as in, why am I missing out on what they’ve got? I talk to a social media expert about the reality behind what you may see on Facebook.

Friday, July 8th

The App of the Day Yard Sale Treasure Map. If you’re a weekend Yard Sale Warrior, this app searches for what you’re looking for, creates a map of the sales you want to go to, and helps you hit more garage sales in a short period of time.

Thursday, July 7th

Some old technology is knocking on the door of new technology. The music industry that’s been reeling in terms of compact disc sales is seeing a resurgence in purchases in an unlikely place: vinyl records. This major audio company is releasing a new line of turntables to meet demand from millennials.

Wednesday, July 6th

Things you didn’t know your smartphone can do. Unless you spend some time digging through the features you wouldn’t see these things that you may want to use often.

Tuesday, July 5th

The absolute best way to save money shopping online is with discount codes, but how do you find them? This desktop app not only finds them but applies the best one! It’s called Honey

FYI, the next 2 weeks the stories will be posted out of order because I will be traveling. Just look for the date. Thanks!

Monday, July 4th

Google just launched a new website that shows you everything it knows about your time on the internet. Oh, and it knows and remembers everything.

Friday, July 1st

It’s the App of the Day: Elevate, an app that claims to improve our  brain through quizzes and games. It was Apple’s App of the Year in 2014.

Thursday, June 30th

Not everyone wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on tech gadgets. I’ve found several things we could use every day that cost under $100.

 Wednesday, June 29th

About 20% of all hard drives fail within 4 years. Why do they crash and what can you do about it? I’ll have ways to keep it running and ways to back it up.

Tuesday, June 28th

Facebook is going to flip a switch and delete your photos if you don’t do THIS by next week. Facebook is moving all of your photos to its new “Moments” app. So you’ve got to download it before they hit the delete button. And another approaching deadline that can cost Windows pc users $120.

Monday, June 27th

KFC has a great idea: put a portable battery charger in a box of food! And a look at how some places are dealing with people who text and WALK

Friday, June 24th

The App of the Day, Trover. It’s a nice Android and iPhone photo app that pulls together photos of vacation hot spots from people who’ve vacationed there. These photos are uploaded from photographers who choose to geo-tag their photos to be organized in the app. See where you’re going on vacation before you leave on vacation.

Thursday, June 23rd

Light affects our moods. Different colors or temperatures of lighting can help us concentrate or put us to sleep. Today I’m looking at a brand new product that will control your lights (and your moods) from a smartphone. It’s a product that could be a good introduction into a internet of things smart home.

Wednesday, June 22nd

Could you unplug on a vacation? Put your devices away for the entire time? A majority say they want to, but the surprising thing is that more millennials plan to unplug than baby-boomers or GenX.

Tuesday, June 21st

Why would the Pentagon enlist people to break in? The Department of Defense paid hackers over $150,000 to try and get past security and find ways to hack into its programs and networks. Where’s Matthew Broderick when you need him?

Monday, June 20th

Watch out for friend request from fake Facebook users. These fake accounts can get enough information on you to steal your identity. I uncover one fake account, explain how these scams work and how to tell the difference between a real friend and a fake friend.

Friday, June 17th

It’s Friday, The App of the Day. This app uses augmented reality to show you how a tattoo will look before you get the actual tattoo. Ink Hunter uses your phone’s camera to magically place your choice of ink where you want it to go. Pretty cool free app.

Thursday, June 16th

Update: 10:27 am.  I’m changing currents to a story about vacationing. If you’re headed out on a vacation anytime soon there are some things you should do before you leave, and while you’re gone. Looking at Facebook guidelines and how to post those ‘toes in the sand’ photos and not worry that someone’s going to find out  your house is empty. And, an app that turns your phone into a web security camera you can watch while you’re away.

I’m debating on a story about terrorism and how terrorists are communicating with each other over social media. I interviewed a cyber-security expert about what can be done to disrupt their communication using social media’s ‘terms of service’ policies. I’m not sold on this story yet. I’ll update this a little later after I dive into the interview.

Wednesday, June 15th

There’s a hidden (some call it secret) map inside iPhones that will track every place you’ve ever been. Pretty darn accurate. It shows the address, time and length of time you were there, and it keeps this history stored. Where is it, what’s it for, who can see it and how to delete it.

Tuesday, June 14th

Cool things coming to the iPhone this fall. Apple announced a slew of new features that are verry verry cool. I’ll be looking at 5 of the best things you’ll see and why you’ll love them.

Monday, June 13

Father’s Day gifts for the geeky dad. A gadget that’ll help get your food to the exact temperature safe for eating, using an app on your smartphone. A water resistant bluetooth speaker, a steadi-cam for smartphones and GoPros, and something better (more manly) that a selfie-stick.

Friday, June 10th

The app of the day is perhaps the smartest app you’ll put on your screen. Wolfram Alpha makes Siri look like a C-student.

Thursday, June 9th

Theft of artwork is a problem on the internet. I know we have viewers who are photographers and artists who’ve wondered how to protect their work they post online. I talk with an art publisher about how to do this and where stolen art is showing up. One story is of a woman who’s family picture was discovered being used in advertisements in the Czech Republic. Best way to protect what’s yours online.

Wednesday, June 8th

How has streaming music affected lesser known artists? Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music are definitely cutting into the bottom line of every singer, songwriter, producer and band, but how? I talk with an up-and-coming singer and her answer may surprise you. She says she no longer can depend on making a living selling records but these free services are great for helping artists like her gain an audience and fans.

Tuesday, June 7th

Is Facebook evesdropping on your conversations? A news report is making the rounds on social media accusing Facebook of listening through our microphones, then posting advertisements related to what we were talking about seconds before. Is this true? I’ll test it out. (it’s false. Facebook does not listen to us, but the question has been out there for a long time)

Monday, June 6th

Good Monday morning. People are using emoji’s like crazy these days and a group, or consortium of people study, review and approve new emoji’s every once in awhile. They’ve announced 72 new emoji’s. I’ll look at the good, the bad and the ugly new emoji that’ll be released in a couple weeks.

Friday, June 3rd

The App of the Day segment: today’s app is for anyone taking a vacation or business trip. It helps you pack by creating a list based on the locations’ weather, what you plan to do, and where you plan to eat.

Thursday, June 2nd

Water damage is the second leading cause of smartphone ‘fatalities’. Since almost every viewer will be taking their smartphone to the beach/lake/pool/slip-n-slide this summer, I’m looking at how to resuscitate a phone that’s been submerged in water. Steps to take to save your phone.

Wednesday, June 1st

Summer is underway and this time of year is hard on smartphones. Water damage is a big issue and I’ve got a product that’ll let you take a phone underwater AND listen to music through headphones.

Tuesday, May 31st

Slow tech news day, but I found something that I think is interesting for most viewers. I don’t know many people who never shop at Amazon and most people aren’t aware that Amazon is much more than Amazon. A look at all the different Amazon places to shop for diapers, bargains, shoes, used books… Some little known shops in the Amazon marketplace. It’s like an Amazon shopping mall.

Monday, May 30

Late Friday research came out showing a link between cellphones and cancer. Does it really matter? What would it have to take to change our habits. And love affair with our phones?

Friday, May 27th

The App of the Day.  Coloring books are the rage (did you see last night’s story?) but most of the coloring book apps are awful. Tonight’s story will feature a barely discovered coloring book app that actually makes it feel like you’re coloring.

Thursday, May 26th

Happy first-day-after-the-book of May. Grown up coloring books is the story tonight. Note that they’re not ‘adult coloring books’.  The grown up version of coloring books has been the rage for some. I’m interviewing a coloring book publisher and showing off some coloring book apps.

Wednesday, May 25th

Google is working on a new smartphone that users would practically build themselves. It’s called a modular smartphone that has removable parts where you can choose the features you want to use. Pretty cool phone.

Tuesday, May 24th

You think your password needs some work? LinkedIn’s recent security breach shows just how many bad passwords are being repeated over and over again. What are the most common bad passwords? What do bad guys do with them when they’re stolen?

Monday, May 23

Hope you guys enjoyed the weekend. I’m trying something a little unconventional today. Facebook just released a new Live Video Map. Up until now people had to follow someone to know when they were going live on Facebook Live Video. Now there’s a map that shows every (most of them anyway) live stream around the world. Parents should be a little concerned.

Friday, May 20th

It’s Friday, so it’s the App of the Day. The first time I’ve featured an app tht costs more than 99-cents.  A $5 app that’s well worth the price for anyone who uses a day-timer. Fantastical 2.

Thursday, May 19th

Saving money #4. We’ve told you how tech can save $ on utilities, shopping, spending too much on service agreements; today we’ll help you save money the old fashioned way. Using tech to put some money aside for retirement.

Wednesday, May 18th

Don’t click on another Facebook link until you see this story. New Facebook scams are being discovered daily. I’ll have the latest report card and what these scams look like.

Tuesday, May 17th

This one is a ‘by request’. Sleep disorders are a serious problem and are often either misdiagnosed or ignored. Ironic that research claims looking at a smartphone when we go to bed might keep us awake. Tonight I’ll be looking at apps and one incredible gadget designed to help us sleep.

Monday, May 16th

Microsoft paid $100 million for an app then announced it will remove the app from iTunes and the Google Play Store. Why would a company pay that much for something it was only going to throw away? I’m looking at other popular apps you probably have had on your phone that were killed by the company that owned them. Why does it happen? Do the apps still work?

Friday, May 13th

This App of the Day will cover your tracks when it comes to making phone calls and sending text messages. “Burner Phones” comes to any device through this app.

Thursday, May 12th

Part 3 in my monthlong series on saving money. Tonight it’s how to save money shopping online with 4 shopping secrets.

Wednesday, May 11th

I had to make a switch yesterday. WRCB, I have the anti-malware software story for you. KFDX, you will get paper photos today. We’ve all got shoeboxes of old photos, here’s how to turn hundreds of old pictures into shareable/postable files in just a few hours. Everything should be where it’s supposed to be.

Tuesday, May 10th

You may be surprised how many people don’t have an anti-virus/anti-malware program running on their computer. Tonight I’ll look at the difference between the two and have test results to see which program is better than the rest.

Monday, May 9th

Last week Facebook lost a lawsuit for violation of privacy after users reported the social network had used facial recognition without users knowledge. Biometrics is now part of our everyday lives as technology can now match faces with names. Where are they getting the information? From us.

Friday, May 6th

App of the Day: Ringtone Maker.  Create your custom ringtones from your favorite songs, for free.

Thursday, May 5th

Spending money on technology can be the second  biggest monthly expense for a family of four. We spells more money on technology service subscriptions than we do on food. Saving money with tech. Pt 2. These are five things you can do right now to save over a thousand dollars a year

Wednesday May, 4th

So you wanted to save a few bucks and got the 16gb iPhone. Now you’re running out of space. Here’s a trick that’ll free up over 1gb.

Tuesday May 3rd

Mothers day is Sunday??!! And I haven’t bought a thing. Technology is going to be a hot choice, I’ll take a look at some gadgets mom will love and you may not realize even existed.

Monday May 2

How much is our smartphone really worth? We used to spend thousands of $$ on gadgets that have have been replaced by apps.

Friday, April, 29th

Keeping with our Friday theme of best new apps, I’m answering a viewer email about how to monitor what her young daughters are able to watch on YouTube. So I’ll take a look at YouTube for kids.

Thursday, April 28th

I’m changing course today. I’m looking at where hackers come from. Did you know you can hire someone to hack into a Facebook account for just $129?  Yep. That’s the story. I’ll do the one planned for today, tomorrow.

You’d spend thousands of dollars on technology  gadgets 30 years ago that are either free today, or cost 99 cents. This is an interesting piece where I take an old Radio Shack ad from the 80s, and see what those items sell for today.

Wednesday, April 27

Big phones, small hands: it’s a national crisis. Maybe not, but when when you’re trying to text back or tap out something on a large phone with one hand, you could drop it and spend hundreds on a new one. Finally, there’s help from Microsoft.

Tuesday, April 26th

I’m looking at a few gift ideas for high school and college graduates. (no books, luggage or gift cards).

Monday, April 25th

Everyone has a camera in their pocket and they’re not afraid to use it. How many people can you count taking pictures at a big event like graduation or a wedding? “Will you send me that picture?” Today I’ll show you the best way  for everyone to share all of their photos in one photo album.

Friday, April 22nd

Your handwriting sucks. Used to be only doctors wrote sloppy but now after everyone stopped writing in cursive and started typing on keyboards, theirs is better than ours. And with e-mail, who writes and mails cards anymore? An app I discovered will take your typed message, hire a handwriter from somewhere in the country who will write out your message on a beautiful card, put a stamp on it and mail it to the person you’ve chosen. Great idea! and it’s not much more than buying a card and sending it yourself.

Thursday, April 21st

Earth Day istomorrow and I’ll be looking at 2 gadgets to save on electricity, an app for gardening and, if I can squeeze it in, an answer to the question should I turn off my computer or leave it on when I go to bed? I will not mention Earth Day in the package so it could hold for next week.

Wednesday, April 20th

There is one program you probably have on your computer that you need to delete right away. That’s the word from Homeland Security and Apple. Both urge Windows PC users to delete this program as soon as possible because it gives hackers easy access to your computer. I’ll explain why Quicktime is such a threat and what to do about it.

Tuesday, April 19th

The #1 thing for graduating seniors is getting a job right? LinkedIn has just launched a new app that puts students in touch with graduates from their school that they can use as a “contact” in a place they want to work. The new LinkedIn for Students will show students which schools are best for studying certain subjects, where most of their graduates are working, names and contact information of graduates in those careers and job listings at their companies. Anyone can use it of course. High school seniors are using LinkedIn to help them choose a college.

Monday, April 18th

A review of Samsung’s new phone, the Galaxy S7 and why it might be a reason for iPhone users to switch to Android. I’ll look at the Samsung eco-system and review their virtual reality gear.

Friday, April 15th

Google photo is great, so is Flickr, but an unknown app named “Lyve” does some things even better.

Thursday April -14th

How much can you trust product reviews on Amazon? Shoppers say they put a lot of trust in product reviews and even make buying decisions based on what they read. But some reviews are fakes. How to tell the difference.

Wednesday, April 13th

Facebook is killing it! The network announced several new features this week and one just may be an app killer. Is it even possible that Facebook Messenger could replace every app on  your phone? Yep.

Tuesday, April 12th

How to spot a fake. User profile pictures are being taken from all personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, catalogues, snapchats, you name it. If the photo is posted anywhere online, they can be stolen and used by anyone. I’ll show you one tool you need to know about, that’ll help  you discover if any photo, even yours, is posted somewhere else online.

Monday, April 11th

Did you know that there are cyber-terrorists posting profiles and resumes on LinkedIn? They are and sometimes they might post job openings. Seriously. Only they’re posting someone else’s profile picture and fake resumes. Fake profiles on LinkedIn: how cyber-terrorists are using them (there is proof) and what one bad move can do businesses large and small.

Friday, April 8th

The App of the Day: The Vane, a travel/weather app that helps you pack for a trip.

Thursday, April 7th

Podcasting. It’s growing in the number of creators and listeners. I’m talking to a popular podcaster who’s weekly shows are sometimes downloaded 90,000 times. And we can announce the station’s own tech podcast. I’m doing a daily show where we talk more about the tech segments we air on tv. You can claim it as your own podcast.

Wednesday, April 6th

The connected home, the internet of things: is it all it’s cracked up to be? Companies claiming to be bringing us closer to “The Jetsons” may not realize we’re already there.

Tuesday, April 5th

People are expecting any day to get their tax refund in the mail; trouble is, the bad guys know this. What scammers are doing to fool you into giving them your money, and how to tell the difference between a fake and genuine message from the IRS.

Monday, April 4th

I believe it’s Apple’s most important updated device. The iPad, now 6 years old the original size hasn’t been touched for several years. Many of those first gen iPad owners have been holding on waiting to see if tablets were really that important anymore. I unbox the new iPad Pro and take her for a spin on “Opening Day”.

Friday, April 1st

No fooling, (how many times will you hear that today?)  Parents who have to try and help kids with their homework get a little help themselves with one of these two apps that have an answer for everything.

Thursday, March 31st

Update:  There’s too much to say about either of these stories so I’m going to have to break them up. Today I’ll handle the Skype for Web story. You don’t have to have Skype to use Skype. I’ll make the S7 review next week.

There are two stories worth mentioning this week, Samsung has released the new Galaxy S7 and it’s maybe a good reason to ditch the iPhone. In fact, a good tease might be “why is this a good time to ditch your iPhone. I’ll look at some of the features you’ll wish your iPhone had. And Skype has a new way to connect with your family and friends, without downloading the program. I’ll show our viewers how to use Skype, without the Skype program.

Wednesday, March 30

Who wants to make/save/grow money? I’m looking at 3 apps that’ll give you a first hand listen to the experts are saying on the Wall Street trading floor, how to save and invest spare change and manage your spending.

Tuesday, March 29th

Computers, Facebook and smartphones make April Fools Day all the more fun. Never has there been more opportunities for setting your friends up for a trick or prank. I’ll show you some of my favorites. Great April Fools Day pranks for friends (who may soon be ‘former friends’.)

Monday, March 28th

How to make money watching tv. Amazon often has job openings for people who’ll agree to watch programming and tag shows and movies. It helps the company develop the “if you liked that, you’ll probably like that this” recommendations. And an app that’ll listen to your tv and send you awards points for gift cards. The story should be on the server shortly.

Friday, March 25th

The App of the Day: a video messaging app called “Glide”. It’s better than sending a video text, simple to use and instant. It’s also being discovered by members of the deaf community as an effective tool to communicate.

Thursday, March 24th

This is Holy Week in the Christian church. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday or Easter. So today I’m looking at 3 faith-based apps. An app billed as an inspirational Instagram, a “crowd-sourced” prayer circle and the world’s #1 Bible app. I won’t be able to get this one ready for you by 5pm today but it will be ready in time for your late show. If you have to have something at 5p I can get you tomorrow’s story for today and you can run this one tomorrow. Just let me know.

Wednesday, March 23rd

Viewers love to send us video of breaking news but so many times the video they send doesn’t look good. Shooting vertically, shaky, zooms. Today’s piece addresses the best way to shoot video with a smartphone to get it on the news.

Tuesday, March 22nd

UPDATE:  My Skype interview didn’t come through in time. I’ll be looking at a new website/service where people are watching people watching tv. Seriously.

If you use Skype your experience just got a lot better. Skype web has been updated to let you call mobile and landline phones, watch and share YouTube videos, get notifications and add non-Skype users. I’ll do an overview of Skype’s new features.

Monday, March 21st

Apple is making an announcement today and we believe it’ll be a new iPhone and an update to the original iPad. The announcement begins at 1ET. I should still be able to turn it around by 5:30 EDT

Friday, March 18th

An App of the Day, which should be a regular segment on Fridays. Today I’m looking at an app designed to help children who’s battling cancer. It’s called Re-Mission2

Thursday, March 17th

Google is giving away 100-gs to someone who can hack into their computers, and Apple isn’t as secure as it once was. What should you do if you’re hit with ransomware?

Tuesday, March 15th

Have you ever had a Facebook post deleted? Have you ever reported one? Facebook says it gets 1 million reports of user violations every day. How does Facebook review all of those, and what constitutes having a post deleted? Stuff to know during election season.

Monday, March 14th

Help for people who wear or need bi-focals. New technology will make ‘readers’ a thing of the past, and finally an answer to the question as old as the iPhone: Should I close apps I’m not using and does it affect battery life?

Friday, March 11th

It’s the Friday App of the Day! There are over 100,000 fitness apps in the app stores, which is the best of them all? We’ll find out today (spoiler alert: it’s Sworkit)

Thursday, March 10th

The latest trick from hackers to drain bank accounts targets businesses. The way it works is the hacker impersonates the e-mail address from a high-level manager and instructs someone at the company to send a payment to a client immediately. Somehow this is working. I talk with an FBI Special Agent about how this thing goes down.

Wednesday, March 9th

A new app is under intense fire for encouraging bullying. Peeple was released Tuesday. It allows users to judge people they come in contact with. What is Peeple and how does it work?

Tuesday, March 8th

Companies around the country and the world are having a hard time filling certain job openings. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs in cyber-security that have not, and cannot be filled by trained and skilled workers. And the government is aware of the issue and is making it easier for people to get the training.

Monday, March 7th

Careful what you like on Facebook. A scam going around now called “Facebook Like Farming” lets you line the pockets of scammers, or possibly infect your computer.

Friday, March 4th

I have a shoot this morning so at this point I don’t know exactly what I will have for you today, but it will be a feature on a new app. Which one I don’t know yet.

Thursday, March 3rd

Twitter and the presidential candidates: who uses it well? Who’s actually tweeting as opposed to staff members? And is the number of followers a reflection of the candidate’s success?

Wednesday, March 2nd

Amazon Prime is causing problems for college post offices. Students are taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s free shipping and university post offices are overwhelmed. Amazon announced today a new pickup facility at the University of Texas and rolling out others.

Tuesday, March 1st

I don’t know many people who look forward to the morning alarm and driving to work. Today I’ll be looking at a couple of apps that’ll change the routine. One you may hate, the other you’ll probably enjoy.

Monday, February 29th

You know about On-Star, but if you have a car or truck without it (most people do) there is an alternative gadget that does basically the same thing, and more. We’ll take the Splitsecnd device for a spin and show why parents of new drivers will like it.

Friday, February 26th

A new survey from Pew suggests Americans are more forgiving of many organizations gaining access to their information online. This coincides with news today that the Obama administration is close to allowing the NSA to share data it gathers with other agencies. That news may make feeds and reports from the networks. I’ll look at some of the scenarios Americans say is okay. Some of the results surprised me.

Thursday, February 25th

UPDATE: The FBI has more to worry about that the iPhone 5c used by the suspected terrorist. These two apps are being used by terrorists to communicate and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

At this moment I don’t know what the story will be for tonight. I’ll update this post when I figure it out.

Wednesday, February 24th

Facebook listened and today launched multiple ‘reaction’ buttons. “wow, angry, sad…”  I’ll show you how it works. You can spend hours going through birthday greetings from Facebook friends. Now, the social network has a new way to celebrate with video birthday greetings.

Tuesday, February 23rd

What is the biggest consumer technological advance in recent years? It isn’t drones, virtual reality, self-driving cars or even mobile computing. It’s glass. I’ll show you why this century is being called by some as “The Age of Glass” and why this new technology is responsible for most of what’s going on today.

Monday, February 22nd

The FBI vs Apple: Is it the bad guys or us? The FBI order that’s headed to court that would force Apple to create a way for anyone to get access to a person’ phone. What does this ruling mean to good guys who say they have “nothing to hide” and want to do anything to catch a terrorist? I’ll talk with a cyber-law attorney and a leader in cyber security.

I’ll have the piece ready by 5p EST

Friday, February 19th

want to get away? Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue is now in virtual reality. An app from the company puts you on the tropical beaches with the supermodels. And, another virtual reality app you should download that’ll give you the feeling of sunshine in the middle of February. It will be ready by 5p EST.

Thursday, February 18th

thank you for your patience this week as I dealt with a family emergency. Two actually. I’m back on track today and will continue our Thursday special reports on dangerous places for kids to connect. Tonight I’ll focus on websites kids are using, hoping you don’t find out. It will be ready by 5p EST.

Wednesday, February 17th

update:  I apologize for this but I’ve had a family emergency yesterday that went over into today. I won’t have anything for you today but should be back on track tomorrow.

Sports Illustrated goes virtual reality with its annual swimsuit issue. As Google glass and other VR devices become even more popular, SI is showcasing its swimsuit models with a virtual reality app.

Tuesday, February 16th

update: this story will be ready for your late evening newscast.

Lowes launched robots to roam stores and help customers, hospitals are using them to collect vitals from patients and pharmacies are using them to sort pills. Robots are taking over jobs held by human workers. Which jobs are most in danger of going to robots rather than people?

Monday, February 15th

How can old technology be better than the new technology that replaced it? Vinyl records are back from the dead as millennials discover them. We’ll tour one of the last vinyl record pressing plants that barely survived the 90s.

Friday, February 12

It’s one of the most important things we do, and we don’t do it very well. Passwords should be too hard to guess but easy to remember. Here’s one way to do it. The package is ready now.

Thursday, February 11

Update 10am:   I’ve changed my mind about tonight’s story. To keep with the Thursday focus, I’ll show how parents can find out what’s on their child’s phones. It isn’t enough to just look at the screen.

I’ll use the story below at another time.

When old technology is better than new technology. The most popular audio device on Amazon is a good old fashioned record player. Young people have discovered LPs and have fallen in love. I’m visiting one of only a handful of record pressing plants in the country, to show how 50 year old machines are making the music of today.

Wednesday, February 10th

Update: I’m going to save the password story for later this week. Instead I’ll be looking at a new discovery of how Facebook affects the battery life on your smartphone and what you can do instead.

President Obama talks passwords and the importance of changing them. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but today I’ve got a fool-proof easy way to come up with new passwords that are impossible to guess, but impossible to forget. It’ll be ready by 5p EST.

Tuesday, February 9th

Tech gifts for Valentines Day. Some odd, unusual and creative tech gifts for your Valentine. It will be ready by 5p EST.

Monday, February 8th

Law enforcement says this app is the most dangerous app kids use today. One D.A is begging parents to take their child’s phone and delete it immediately. What is this app that as many as 40% of American kids use today? What is it, what does it look like, and why police are linking it to sex crimes involving children. The story will be ready for air before 5p EST.

Friday, February 5th

If you shop at Amazon you may not know you can help your favorite charity while spending money. Amazon has a little-known side-store where every dollar you spend goes to a charity you choose. The package will be finished and posted by early afternoon.

Thursday, February 4th

A special series or report on apps, popular with kids, that parents should know about. I’m calling it “Apps your kids hope you don’t find out about”, next Thursday it will be “Websites your kids hope you don’t find out about.” These pieces may run a little longer, but no longer than around 1:45. These will take a little longer to do so it will be ready by 9p EST tonight.

Wednesday,, February 3rd

Word is that Apple will hold an event in March to make several announcements including new iPhones and iPads. I’ll look at some of what sources say we can expect, plus an update on the popularity of Google cardboard. I’ll have it ready by 5p EST.

Tuesday, February 2nd

Choosing a candidate, at least at this point, can be overwhelming with so many choices available. Who stands for what? Which candidate matches most closely with your views? Websites and apps are available to help. I’ll look at some of the best you can download right now. I’ll have it ready by 5p EST.

Monday, February 1st

This is the best time of year to buy a new tv, but there are so many choices? We’ve got 3 things you’ll want to think about before choosing one to take home. The story is on the server now.

Thursday, January 28th

Drone racing. It’s a thing and could it be the next big thing? Watching a drone race is like watching a pod race in Star Wars. I’m talking with the executive director and founder of the Drone Racing League. It will be ready by 5pm EST.

I’ve been having serious technical issues which have caused me to miss the 5pm deadline. I believe everything is working correctly and I’m confident it will be ready to go by 5pm. Thanks for your understanding.

Tuesday, January 26th

Facebook is turning 12 years old February 4th. How has it changed our lives? Remember when people were scared to post personal information on the internet? I’ll look at how FB has impacted our lives and does anyone remember what we did before??   I’ll have the story ready by 5pm EST.

Monday, January 25th

Ever been stuck at home because of snow, or maybe you’re just not feeling well. I’ve put together a list of 4 tech things you can do to be productive on a snow day. The piece is ready now.

Thursday, January 21st

Winter weather preps. Apps and a device to help get you through a winter weather event. I’ll be looking at a winter weather survival kit (app), an app to help with dinner if you can’t make it to the store, and a gadget every person in your home needs for an emergency. It will be ready for air by 5p EST

Tuesday, January 19th

Have you seen the “Be Like Bill” meme going viral on Facebook. I’ll look at this, where it came from etc, and look at some social media etiquette. It will be ready for air by 5p EST

Monday, January 18th

A Facebook scam/hoax continues to circulate. It claims two of the Powerball lottery winners are sharing some of their winnings with people on FB. All people have to do is share the post and tag two friends. What do these scams do, what are they after and how to protect yourself from well-meaning friends. The package is uploaded now.

Friday, January 15th

Happy Friday. The next What the Tech? story will be available Monday morning. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 14th

So you didn’t win $1.5 billion dollars in the Powerball… you can still acquire some wealth using a mobile app. This app turns your spare change into investments while another app keeps an eye on your bank accounts and credit cards. Never pay a late fee again. the story will be ready by 5p EST

Wednesday, January 13

It’s one of the more popular places on line for teenagers and even pre-teens, and parents have never heard of it. It’s a website and app that allows kids to broadcast live from anywhere. I interview a young girl who broadcasts frequently from her bedroom. We talk about safety, security, what goes on there, and what does her mom think? It will be ready by the 5p EST show.

Tuesday January 12th

AT&T is bringing back something all smartphone users miss: unlimited data plans. The company was the first to kill them off and now the first to bring them back.  Competition among  wireless companies benefits wireless customers. I’ll look at AT&T’s new plan and what this may mean for all smartphone users. It will be ready by 5pm EST.

Monday, January 11th

After this one, I’ll give the CES stories a break for a bit. There was so much hi-tech stuff this year but what about for “normal people”? This is a look at some tech for our viewers who probably won’t buy a self-driving car or robot in 2016.  It is ready now

Thursday, January 7th

Today I’ll be looking at some smaller gadgets from inventors etc. Including a 19 year old who’s here pitching a device to help keep teens driving safely. The package is on the server later this morning.

Wednesday, January 6th

CES officially opens today with the 2.5 million sq feet of tech companies and their products. I’ll be doing something like yesterday; I’ll find some interesting gadgets and do a show and tell. This story will not be ready for your early show. I can try cutting something from the floor with my phone and sending it to you, kind of a walk-and-talk. Let me know if you’d like that.

Tuesday, January 5th

greetings from CES. I’m attending the one of the first events at CES where companies are introducing new tech gadgets and gear. This package will feature a new virtual reality device, a computer controlled by just the eyes, and a gadget to keeps hands on the wheel and not on a cellphone.  Time is a factor out here as it takes over an hour to get to the show floor and I can’t take my laptop to edit out there, so these packages may not be ready by 5EST. I’ll have them by 8pm.

Also, please e-mail me your reporter outcues again. I will cut the outcue from the show floor so it matches the sound in the package. i’ll put those in your folder in the audio outcues folder.

Monday, January 4th

I will not have a story for today as I’m traveling to CES in Las Vegas. I will have look-lives from the show floor Tuesday-Thursday. No story on Friday as I’ll be traveling. I’ll post things as I always do and I expect the stories to be ready by 5pm EST. I’ll also cut audio outcues for you from the show floor to match the sound from the packages. Those will be in your audio outcue folder.

Friday,  January 1st

For people who try to keep track of receipts for business, i’m looking  at an app that makes it incredibly easy to do. Take a photo of the receipt and this app will combine, file and save each receipt for tax time. The story is ready now. It is called bizxpensetracker

Thursday, December 31

HAPPY NEW YEAR.   update: 8:21 am.  I’m going to do a top 3 tech resolutions for 2016. it’ll be ready by 5p EST

For everybody who resolves to be healthy/workout/loseweight/stopsmoking starting Friday, I’ll be looking at some of the best apps to help get started or keep track of progress. It’ll be ready by 5p EST.

Wednesday, December 30

Looking at a few quick and dirty tips for smartphone users I’ll bet you didn’t know you can do. I’ll have it ready by 5 EST.

Tuesday, December 29

Amazon had a huge, no, enormous holiday. Over 3 million new Amazon Prime subscribers and the biggest week ever for a new delivery service. I give Amazon Prime Now a run for its money, ordering something Christmas Eve. The story will be ready by 5 EST.

Monday, December 28

What do you do with gift cards you’ll never use? Don’t toss them in a drawer and forget about them, sell them online. It is on the server, ready to go.

Friday, Christmas Day

What do you do with all of those gift cards you received that you’ll never use? A couple of places online that will buy the gift cards you don’t want.

Thursday, (Christmas Eve)

Ever sat down for Christmas with the family and friends and someone hands you a gift…and you didn’t get them anything? Here are a few ideas for gifts you can give while you’re sitting under the tree.

Wednesday December 23

Watching for Santa Claus. 2 apps to help keep the spirit of Santa Claus in your family. ReindeerCam lets people go online and on an app to watch Santa feed his reindeer live. And Kringl is an app that allows parents to shoot video of Santa Claus in their home Christmas Eve. The package is on the server now.

Tuesday, December 22

update #2  8pm  package is done and uploaded

update:   3:35 cst my computer completely crashed, wiping away everything I’ve been doing today. Even my saved files are gone. I’m starting over on the Dollar Store story but it won’t be ready until later this evening. This is the first time it’s happened. I apologize if this causes problems for your producers.

What tech can you find at the $1 Store? You can spend thousands of dollars on tech gifts, but what can you get for a buck? I took a $20 to the dollar store to see what I can find.

Monday, December 21

Tech gift ideas. I’ll be looking at a few things that make great gifts this Christmas. The Tile is a gadget that helps find lost keys and items, the Rode smartLav smartphone microphone, a smartphone camera lens kit and this year’s “hottest” gift, a hoverboard. The package, script and webstory are ready now.

Friday, December 18

The App of the Day, Vine. How to waste all day, 6 seconds at a time. Vine’s 6 second videos have made celebrities of regular people. Here’s the top viners to follow. I’ll have it on the server by 11am EST this morning

Thursday, December 17

According to a survey I saw yesterday, 90% of Americans still have shopping to do, and half of those say it’s because they don’t know what to buy. I’ll be looking at a few of my favorite tech things. Tablet computers and streaming devices today with a look at the new iPad Pro and Kindle.  I’ll have the story ready for the 5 EST.

Wednesday, December 16

Part two of a series on cyber-security. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are being watched in their home by cyber-snoopers, all because homeowners don’t do one simple thing. On the web there are thousands upon thousands of video streams of unsuspecting people in their home. Here’s how the cybersnoopers are doing it, what we can do to stop it, and how we know if we’re being watched. The story runs a little longer than usual since it is a series piece, around 1:42. It is ready now.

Tuesday, December 15

Fitness wearables are going to be big this Christmas. Everyone knows about the Fitbit, but it isn’t right for everyone. I’m going to look at fitness wearables and a gadget to motivate runners in the winter. Also, I’m calling these stories “some of my favorite tech things”, there’s a really cool animation with a audio on the front of the pieces, see it on my WTT Facebook page. The story will be ready by 5pm EST

Monday, December 14

Tech under the tree. Everyone likes surprises; not everyone gets them anymore. Gift cards have taken the surprise out of Christmas, but here are a few gifts for anyone on your list that’ll be a surprise for sure.  It will be ready at 3pm EST, 2 Central.

Friday, December 11

The App of the Day: Google Chrome Remote Desktop. Access your home or laptop computer from your smartphone, tablet or another computer anywhere in the world. A life-saver when you need something away from home.

Thursday, December 10

Two words: Da-rones. Over a million are expected to be purchased this holiday. 1,000,000! I’ll look fly one around, look at a couple of the most popular drones, what they cost etc. And I’ll have 3 things you need to know before buying one.

Wednesday, December 9

The United States is under a constant cyber attack. Dozens of attacks every second. Today I’ll talk to an expert about where these attacks are coming from, who they target and why we can’t stop them.

The piece is the 1st in a 3 part look at cyber-security I’ll have each wednesday. It will be ready for an early afternoon show

Tuesday, December 8th

Virtual reality is more real than some people think. I’ll be looking at Samsung’s new Virtual Reality headset and Google Cardboard, both are going to be on a lot of people’s wishlist. I’ve got a priest helping me demo one of the devices. It will be ready for an evening show.

Monday, December 7

Gadget gift ideas for Christmas. Ever wonder how people get those incredible video shots of accidents and comets while they drive? Dash cams are beginning to pick up interest in the U.S. and they do more than shoot video.

and eliminating shaky video with your smartphone. An affordable and easy-to-use stabilizer for smartphones and gopros.

Story will be complete and ready for an early show

Friday December 4

I’ll be doing a Friday “The App of the Day” segment each week. This piece will have the standard outcue:  “I’m Jamey Tucker and (name of the app) is the App of the Day”. There is an animated graphic over the outcue. There will also be an on-camera tease for these stories with the animated graphic video over the outcue.

Today I’ll feature “Google Translate”, aim your camera at a sign and it will instantly translate it to another language. Great for travellers. It’s really amazing what this app is capable of, even translating text in a book and reading it back to you in another language.

Thursday December 3

4K TVS. You may be paying more for something you can’t see.  I’m looking at the difference between 4k and 1080hd sets. What’s the price difference and is it worth the extra money?

Tuesday pm December 1st

VTech Breach

It’s the 4th largest breach of a company’s database. Bigger than Target, bigger than Sony…and this affects information about children who use these devices.

The story is in the works now and will be ready in time for your late newscasts. Video is in the dropbox for teases

Tuesday December 1st

Bouncing Batteries

a cool way to tell a fresh battery from a bad one

Sunday-Monday November 29-30

Cyber Monday tips

who has the best deals? What are the best things to buy on Cyber Monday and how to find them throughout the day?

Thursday November 26th

This year over half of holiday shopping will be done on mobile devices. Shoppers are making decisions, comparing prices and purchasing gifts with their smartphones. There are dozens of shopping apps to choose from, but which one is best?

And a website that is a must-see for people who shop on Amazon.

Wednesday November 25th

 A Seattle man, going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments while battling terminal colon cancer, developed an app to help people remember to be thankful.
   Rich Goade was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2006. Shortly after, the loving husband and father of 3 young daughters told his family what the world needs is to remember to be thankful.
Goade, who worked as a graphic designer for Apple and Microsoft enlisted his brothers to develop the app “Thankful.”
“It was really his idea to leave that legacy, to remember to be thankful for things, even when you’re going through times like he was,” said Paul Goude, Rich’s brother.
The 99-cent app for iOS devices is simple to use. Each time you think of something you’re thankful for, a tap on the screen keeps a ‘thankful tally’. Users can also write posts in a journal inside the app and share that with friends on social media. Another popular feature is a large selection of inspirational quotes.
Goude said the app is part of Rich’s legacy, intended to remind people they are thankful even in times of great disappointment.
“One of my nieces,” Paul told us, “just fairly recently said, you know I was going through my list and feeling down and I remembered all these things that I was thankful for all these days, and just flipping through them was helpful.
The Thankful app is iOS only. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the app goes to a non-profit in Seattle that helps families that are fighting cancer pay bills.

Tuesday November 24

 Some of the best chefs in the world are preparing for thanksgiving feasts by browsing through cookbooks handed down generations.
Those chefs are also using mobile apps to find new recipes for the traditional meal.
Snapguide https://snapguide.com is an app for ios and Android devices that’s similar to Pinterest. Users upload their favorite recipes and add photos to share with others on the network. In addition to the mobile apps, Snapguide is also a website with beautiful photographs and directions. The site also has directions for other things such as diy, gardening, automotive and technology. The apps are free.
A Bon Appetite Thanksgiving Manual is an stand alone app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It hasn’t been updated for 2015 but still includes thousands of recipes. A feature of this app is a timer that keeps cooks on schedule. Set the time you want to eat and the menu and the app sends users notifications when it’s time to start a dish so it will be ready when your guests are ready to eat.
How to Cook Everything is a one-stop recipe app by food critic Mark Bittman.  There are recipes for meals year round but also includes large sections of menus for the holidays.
   The app includes a shopping cart feature. When the user chooses a menu or dishes they can add the ingredients to a shopping cart. Once the menu is complete you can download or save the shopping list for when you get to the supermarket. It is a free app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
And Big Oven is an app with over 30,000 recipes. Similar to the others Big Oven also features a ‘leftover menu’. Simply add items that are left over from Thanksgiving and what you have on hand in the pantry, and the app searches a database of recipes that includes those items.
it is free as well for all devices. There is a paid version with a few extras that will also remove advertisements. And a website with those features.